I could use some advice on a character rig, having issues!

Ok, so here is my current rig and also what is wrong with it.

In picture 1 here, the HandIK.R is the IK controller attached to the forearm (chain length 2) and child of the root (bone at 0,0,0). The Elbow.R is the IK point for the upper arm, chain length 1. This is so the arm always bends towards the elbow instead of flipping all around.

In pic 2 - When the arm is low, it seems to work fine, however…

In pic 3 - When the Hand IK is raised, as if to raise his hand before swinging a sword, the hand rotates so much and ends up going backwards. no positioning of the Elbow bone makes the arm look right. Does anyone know of another way I could rig the arm to get a nice animation like this?

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile: I usually work on shooter type characters and those animations work fine, but raising the hand up high is causing a problem. Also, I use Blender 2.49. Not a big fan of 2.5+, hopefully there is something that will work.

The Elbow.R is the IK point for the upper arm, chain length 1
I fail to see the logic
You appear to have up vectors to control the knees why don’t you apply up vectors to the elbows as this seems more common for blender rigs.
alternately add a control bone for the elbow at the root of the elbow, next to the clavicle/shoulder.

In picture 1 here, the HandIK.R is the IK controller attached to the forearm

If your IK goal is parented or connected to your Ik chain you will get weird stuff happening make sure your Ik goal is not parented or connected to the chain,.

I’m not so good with technical terms for the bones, but my leg and arm are roughly the same except instead of a foot, it is fingers. The elbow has an IK constraint to the upper arm/bicep area to make sure that when I move the HandIK bone, the arm bends towards the elbow bone. It would be kind of bad if it bent the wrong way.

The HandIK/Elbow don’t deform and are children of the Root bone, so they aren’t really attached to the arm. If I pull the HandIK further than the arm can stretch, the arm just points towards the IK bone, it doesn’t stretch the verts. I had another rig setup that would stretch like that.

The legs work fine. Everything seems to work how I want it to except for the arms. I guess I will have to keep trying new things to get it working. I’m not too sure what sx-1 means though o.O I am not very good with terms :frowning:

I’d remove the upper arm IK and use the elbow as pole target for the remaining IK

my rigging system for an arm IK to date;

shoulder> arm rotate>upperarm>forearm(IK chain here length 2)>forearm.target(target of the forearm IK) which is parented to the Hand controller and an elbow used to target the IK chain by moving the elbow

Hand controller is parented to the arm rotate bone (arm rotate is used solely for the purpose of rotating the arm back and forth)

Works very nicely actually.

Here is an example with the pole target option. Turn off inherit rotation for the hand bone if you don’t want it to copy the forearm.


Base_IK_FK_With_Pole.blend (149 KB)

I keep getting that token expired error when I reply <___< Uhm, that rig is neat though. I have no idea how to set up the pole target though. It looks like it works… backwards from what my elbow thing does. Also, I think the wrist does the same in that file as mine does. Is it because I use 2.49?