I could use some help merging objects.

Basically what I’m trying to do is create an air filter housing. I’m trying to get the corrugated looking part to align and merge with the ring. The trouble is, I cant find any video’s on youtube that will show me how to make two objects, snap to one another and have the 1/2 cylinder piece deform a bit to take on the edge path of the ring piece. It’s my intention to kind of “bullet” the front end of the cylinder, and leave the back end flat, with the missing faces on the corrugated portion of the 1/2 cylinder pointing towards the rear of the filter which will become a “near” flat surface. The parts are roughly aligned in the direction I want them facing, but I cant seem to figure out how to shrink/stretch the corrugated part to fit. Any help is appreciated.

Does blender have a feature that will allow me to do what I’m trying and can someone explain how to use it? I don’t want someone to simply “fix” my file for me, I want to know how to do it myself. :smiley:


filter plate.blend (513 KB)

You can use bridge edge loops to join two series of vertices of equal number and in the process you can decide what sort of curve they will have between them so it’s probably what you want but first they have to be made part of the same object with join. Also your ring object seems very far away and also kinda warped what’s up with that did you want it that way?

To be honest without even seeing what you want to make (do you have a reference image?) It seems that you have gone down the hard road. If you show a pic of what you are trying to do I could be more helpful.

Basically what I’m trying to do is re-make the filters for the halo helmet and print out a set that allow some airflow. That inner ring meshes with the helmet and follows the curves correctly. What I’m having a rough time doing is getting the corrugated part to mesh with the ring so the old piece can be cut out and the new one printed and then glued in place. I’ve tried your suggestion, but it doesn’t really seem to do much for me. :frowning: Any other tricks?