I could use some help with Shrinkwrap

Screenshot from 2020-03-20 22-58-29

I need to get the back half of the stick to follow the shape of the sphere. While the stick preserves its thickness. And the front half of the stick, closer to the camera, is not affected.
Seeing how the whole stick was sticking to the sphere like a flat sticker I thought it would be a matter of affecting only a vertex group, so I tried that. I also tried all the various choices in the Shrinkwrap mod, but without avail :frowning:

After over a couple hours of trying this and that, I have to admit I could use some help.

Thanks guys
ShrinkwrapToSphere.blend (787.0 KB)


Your vertex group (Group) is defined but not assign

  • in edit mode, select your face and click on Assign.

The Shrinkwrap modifier works correctly. . . you simply cannot see its effect, because you have deactivated the option [Display modifier in Viewport]

Unless you have special constraints, why not use the Simple Deform modifier !!

I know. I had many different groups assigned. In the end (when I had enough), I did not leave any vertices assigned though. But yeah, I did try the groups you see below, plus their inverted iterations. And of course all the branches that result when trying each of the different Shrinkwrap modes and submodes along their different options.
Screenshot from 2020-03-21 09-43-50

Same as above, I knew that too. That was just the way I left the file before I uploaded it.
Sorry about this, I should have explained this, my bad :frowning:

Thanks for suggesting it, I’ll have a look asap! :slight_smile:


Just a classic Curve modifier did the trick! Go figure!