i could use some suggestions

I would like to texture a rocky shore like the one in the photo attached.
The shore won’t be a primary important object in the rendering but still is quite visible.
How can I do this?

thanks in advancehttp://www.museum.wa.gov.au/dampier/images/explore/rockyshores/rockyshores01.jpg

At least 10 different answers, probably. I’ll start.

  1. Use an overhead rock bump texture (heightmap) mapped to DISP on a fine mesh.

well. I didn’t quite understand what you meant. I’m pretty newbee in Blender.
However I used a voroni texture and messed around with normal and displacement. I guess that’s what you also meant.
The result is not so good but for now is ok. I’ll try to post a render…
thank you for the ideas

Does it have to be done in Blender? Terragen 2 is capable of doing rocks without having to place each and every one. Maybe you could do a composite. I did the foreground for the image below in Terragen. I’m not sure how much bigger the rocks can get.

Rocks example.

Steve S.

I am not quite sure where to download the shadeless RGB normals material, used to generate RGB normals maps from objects, but one way to do it, would be to model a big cluster of stones, apply that material to them, render it, and use that as your normals map, for the surface representing the pebbly beach. ( hopefully someone else knows where to download the material )

yes, voronoi mapped to disp would work.