I created a curve shader with math nodes, how do I make it a line?

There’s two issues here. I want to add a script node but it’s simply not working, giving error:
byp_prop_collection[index]:index 0 out of range, size 0

So I then recreated the code with math nodes. How would I turn that black/white separation into a black background and a white line?

need help with curve.blend (144.0 KB)

You could replace your “greater than” node with a colour ramp , set it to “constant” and then make the colours in the ramp white-black-white (with the black part relatively narrow).

Ok I got the script working, but it’s not making a nice line.

Is there any code floating around to create a line with bezier math?

Have you tryed math functions? Shift a → mesh → math function

beside that,Erindale has some good procedural shading tuts with crazy math.


You could always download a build with the new SDF procedural texture functions in it.

Stuff like this is trivial as it contains bezier SDF functions as standard - no need for huge noodle trees.

See this thread for more information:

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Download one of these builds and have at it.