I created an accurate EEVEE shader remake of Portal's portals!

Hey, fellow Blenderers! I have recently finished a shader that accurately replicates the portals from the Valve game series. It has a simple to use node which allows for quite flexible control over color, ignition, opening and closing, coloring, random seed and even chroma keying the opening! They’ve got full 3D manipulation capabilities, so they are perfect for VFX artists. This was a side-project of mine which I started back in March, and slowly developed over the months. I thought some folks on here might appreciate it!

Recently, my computer started getting some serious hardware issues, which is why i thought it was a solid idea to put it up for sale on Gumroad for the interested. You can get it for only €4.50, but for those who are willing to afford it, I would be very thankful for an extra donation.

I’d really love to get more involved with the Blender community after being a deeply invested user for 10 years now! Hope to share more fun projects in the times to come! Take care.

Link : https://vertexstreet.gumroad.com/l/blenderportal


This is awesome! Looks perfect!