I´d like technical info

What a coincidence, that i had to post this question after a thread entitled “TUTORIAL: Being courteous and respectful when people ask “stupid” questions”.

But i really think that this few questions are like safety perimeter for those newbies who are trying blender. So im gona ask, and if a noble, experienced soul cares about it and answers, i´d be very thankfull.

1)How big, or large, or heavy or however you would say it, can a game made in game engine be? is there a top size of what; weight, scenes, ingame elements, or is it that the limit is just the power of the pc in wich it runs?.

2)These games may run only if the computer has a , uh, what is it?, a
“open gl support” or something like that, in the video card. Ge games dont work in my computer; i always get an error message. They told me that it is because i havnt open gl support in my Via Sg3 Unichrome.

3)Do you think that some design tools should be avoided if you are creating a game, cause these may not work right in the game

4)If you pack the information in the game (“file”/“pack data”) then you wont have to put any other file of the media you use in the game (sounds, images, etc) in the game directory, apart from the usual three stored in the blender directory, right?.

5)Can i use uv textures for a game?

  1. Could it be that intrincated 3d models dont work like they should in a collision (i.e.: i always have problems when i attempt to model a rocky ground, with plenty of poligons).

Well, thats it.

  1. as far as I know, the power of the PC is the only limit. At least the only one you need to worry about.

2.don’t know. update your drivers.

  1. Mostly just try to stay away from everything that adds polygons.

  2. I believe you are right.

  3. I would recomend it.

  4. Haven’t tried that complex models, but terrain has always worked fine.

Very kind of you Sim88, those existencial questions were killing me.
Those are imnportant points and should be adiveced to every newbie around, so i´ll infomr mi friends from the academy.

whoo. Two topics because of me.

If you can upgrade your card to an nvidia or ati, you’ll be a lot better off. Maybe someday these other manufacturers will have decent opengl drivers.