I DARE you to make it through this GAME.

Hopefully this game will scare you badly. I created it in a half an hour as an immersion experiment. What would it feel like to see nothing but feel and hear what’s around you… PLEASE PLAY AND GET BACK TO ME. The game is only 35 seconds long!


  • Turn your volume up quite high, don’t blow your ears out.
  • Turn off any lights in your room.
  • Play the Immersion.exe.
    Click to download the game!
    You should be able to feel and hear everything… tell me how it made you feel after playing!

Why aren’t there screenshots Laxwolf? The magic of Immersion games is that it forces you to use sound as the dominate stimulant. When you can’t see what you feel you’re doing, the experience becomes new and scary. Personally, my chest cramps up and my heart races a little more when playing this game!


Ill try it, check this thread in a little to see my results :P…if something jumps out at me, im going to look you up in the blenderartists Map, and then Im going to buy a plane ticket, and then Im gonna jump on your face :stuck_out_tongue:

haha just kidding, Im not rich

hahahaha, actually…that was quite impressive
I m thoroughly impressed, 4.5/5 ;D

oh and my heart started pounding quickly, as if I was being chased ;D

Awesome! Thanks. NO SPOILERS THOUGH!

lol sorry, you said to put how you feel, dont worry i changed my original post

i was wondering if you would look at the PM i just sent you, i think some of those things will really help with visuals

That was impressive :evilgrin:. stuff like that adds real character/atmosphere to a game.

Its cool, but IDK what it is supposed to be, like what happened?

work it out for yourself, thats the fun of it ;D

I like this!

That was very cool, I’ll have to try it again though in a less distracting enviroment. Have you ever listened to the ¨virtual barbershop¨? It’s an amazing 3d sound affect like you’ve made here.

That’s just under a megabyte per second of rar-compressed gameplay… I’m very curious about it but I don’t have bandwidth to spare :c Could you optimise it for size a bit?

I recognize the song playing on the music box…

“don’t blow your ears out”. Hehe. wiggles finger in ear dammit, I really should learn to listen to peoples advice…
But I like it. It’s an experience you don’t have every day. You needet half an hour for this? Impressive. Where did you get the sounds?

dont have you linux version ?

Sweet :smiley: freaky.

i want to try it But im sacred ¬¬

i want to try it But my network bandwidth is like it would take couple of days to download ¬¬

That were pretty cool, a little creepy though. Now you should make it longer!

Sound’s interesting. I’ll check this out.

I don’t know. Is this game suppose to be some sort of visualization? It doesn’t quite reach out to me.