I decided that SP's ships were missing something...

(wewa_juicyb) #1

Well I’ve been having fun the last few days… finally figured out how to get intersect to work (and how it is usually not worth it :x ). Well lets cut to the cheese;

it’s a cannon that happens to be standing in my house (that has nothing to do with why I modeled it caugh :smiley: ). Concerning the textures: the actual cannon is made of Bronze however I found that this “rusted Copper” colour was more suitable for the picture. Enough talk, lets hear what you have to say about this wreck (lame pun).

(wewa_juicyb) #2

DUDE man that is great work!!! I love your work man, I’ve been a great admirer of your work ever since you started using Blender. I especially love the texture job man!!! 8) 8) 8) great work!!!
your beloved self,

(suicidal) #3

i was wondering if the cannon in your house floats like that if so how the f**k did you do it. its kind of sad that you have to replie to your own posts. :wink:

(BgDM) #4

Replying to yourself, eh? Do you talk to yourself too? If so, you are one screwed up dude.

Anyway, that is a pretty cool canon. I love the texture.


(bverlaan) #5

pretty good image (very good image), maybe you can make a real warzone around it.

(wewa_juicyb) #6

BgDM - lol, I have conversations with myself in my sleep, doesn’t everybody? :smiley: I think you’re screwed up yourself, not replying to your own posts and all, it’s so much more fun!
bverlaan - I would love to make a warzone around it only problem, I think it would take too long, and ofcourse, I aint that good of a modeler…
Suicide - we a have special space-bending machine that deforms space, that way anything can float in our house. hmmm maybe that will be my next project, a space bender… thanks for the idea,
P.S> WeWa2 says hello to everybody.

(blengine) #7

very awesome pic of a lovely great textured canon :wink: hmmm, yes, intersect, ive met up with that harlet before, she never pleases me :frowning: