I did it!

I just graduated high school!

…yeah! lol

Cum Laude too :smiley: ranked 7th in my class (i used to be third but i stopped giving a damn sophomore year hahaha)


I will be able to graduate next year (though a 5 year highschool plan may be in order)


7th eh? good job.

Congratulations. Now, go forth and be lazy.

Congrats superx! I will graduate next year :slight_smile:

So what do you plan on doing next?

lucky bastard, i’ve got another year

I gradurated last year and just working

If you think that college is any better you are highly mistaken.

i think he thinks no school is better

and i have like i cant remember right now more years like not very much
and school is not for schoolwork it’s for screwing off

If he thinks being on his own and working to support himself is better than school than he’s going to get a serious shock. I wish I was still in school, it was nice not having to worry about bills and whether I’m making enough money to cover them. I’m still living at home with my parents so I don’t even have to worry about rent or utilities other than my phone and it’s tough.

Okay enough depressing you recent grads. Congrats superx10 as much as being an adult can suck sometimes it’s definitely worth it. Welcome to the ranks of the grownups.

Good for you!:smiley:
Rats, I was born in January, so I still have two years to go.:frowning:

ugh, yup, three more years for me, thats alright, its really not that bad, Congrats though

Congrats, one year more for me.

How are you 7th without giving a damn? How big is your class? Last time I checked I was 30th and I have a weighted 4.3 or so. :expressionless:

Anyway, were are ya going for college?

Congrats :smiley:


It must be a culture thing about graduations. In the UK, we don’t graduate High School, we just sort of leave. The only graduations we have are from university (which for us are different than colleges). I didn’t even go to my university graduation.

There’s a world of difference between being a successful student and being a success in the real world. Sooner or later you will realise how worthless academic accolades really are.

But congratulations anyway.

:slight_smile: thanks everyone. Now I can work full time! :rolleyes:

Valarking: Hooray for small regional high schools… something like 102 of us graduated, I only needed a 3.6… lol.
For the next 2 years while I figure out what I really want to do with my life I’ll be attending NHTI (New Hampshire Technical Institute… haha basically 2 more years of high school) in thier “Animation & Graphic Game Programming” program. From there I’ll probable transfer to a real school, most likely Rensselaer. My brother is alumni and lives in the area, so I’d likely end up living with him for a while.

LIGHTspeed: I was born in November, after the cutoff date. My mom had to fight to get me tested and stuff so I could just skip kindergarten and go to first grade. What’s funny is a girl I know who was a junior this year is a day older than me :smiley:

osxrules: Yeah. High school graduations don’t really mean much, except that you’re done. And you’re right about academic success vs. real life success. Our valedictorian is going to get eaten alive.
The thing is, I realize this. I’ve had 3 older siblings go to college, I’ve lived through all of their experiences. I’m a computer guy, but do you know what I’ve done for work throughout most of high school? Farming. I didn’t sit in an air conditioned store, or behind a desk, I went out and got a job where I have to do physical labor, and I work 6/7 days a week, and don’t take holidays. (The plants don’t take holidays…) If school started and the season wasn’t over yet, I worked after school and weekends, no questions asked. This year I got to fit sports into that schedule too :). I’ve known what it takes to work up from being just another kid to basically being the boss of the people that work there, even if the time frame was kind of short. lol
I also build computers for people, and they uh… give me things :smiley:
But yeah I found it kind of funny that when I was 16 I was making more $ than my 24 year old brother (not the Rensselaer one)

superx10, that sounds like fun. Good luck at NHTI. It sounds cool and I’m sure that you’ll get out of it whatever you put in. And considering your history with the farming you definately sound like a hard worker. Good luck!

And ya, I wish I was at a small high school, heh. My class is almost 600 or 700 people I think. And we’re a small school here!

I graduated 30th in my class with a 2.65, the sad part is i got a full ride with that to our local community college. I graduated a coupla years ago. I noticed that college is way better than high school, but i still dont care as much, though, i care a lot more considering nowadays I’m actually paying my own money to get an education. And now I’m sitting with a bit of college under my belt, and high school long behind me, and I’m working at pizza hut, let me tell you about some exciting career opportunities. yay! anyway, congrats, just find a career you can really settle down in, thats what college is about i think, figuring yourself out and what you want out of life, high school is about idealism and doing illegal things before you’re old enough to really get in trouble for them :slight_smile:

hmmmmmmmm…yep 1more year for me…but you know what if your good at math take the cash not the check because y0u’ll end up in debt…hehe a little saying I made about how even if you get a good job with a good wage then taxes can screw up it all thats why if you take the cash then you don’t loose any money to taxes…