I did some database tuning, can you tell the difference?


I noticed we had quite a bit of spare RAM on our server. And since we have a few huge tables, I figured the DB might benefit from some more ‘breathing room’ to work on large result sets. I made a change and the load seems to have dropped a bit. Can you tell the difference?

  • The site is faster now
  • The site has the same speed
  • The site is slower now

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PS: Together with the ‘thumbnails’ plugin author I have identified another factor that slows us down quite a bit. Blender Artists will be sponsoring an update for this plugin to add caching, this will be worked on next month.


I can only open 5-8 tabs (it’s a variable amount) before I get the message “Slow down, too Many Requests from this IP Address”. Doesn’t having more RAM only increase the volume of data that can be processed & doesn’t RAM have nothing to do with the speed? Isn’t speed more of a CPU processor speed & # of cores thing? Personally, I have no problem with the speed of BA, but I wish I could open more tabs when looking at cool art in the gallery. It seems like more RAM might possibly be able to solve that problem. Honestly, it’s not a big enough problem to stress over though. The site is good as is.

What you’re describing is IP throttling - that has nothing to do with server load or the database. The number of requests/minute are limited for each IP address to prevent overload.

Giving certain DB operations more RAM will definitely speed them up. In our case there are some large sorts that need to be done that benefit from this.

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I wouldn’t notice anything I think. To me it feels the same, but I bet it’s faster :slight_smile:


Seems similar though likely because server strain throughput is likely not spiking currently. Excited to hear that that window is bigger now though that’s cool. Room to grow :smiley:

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Not noticing a big difference myself. But websites have a tendency to grow slow rather than fast these days so every little bit helps.

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The site is a lot faster for me. I like. Good work!

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I find it working slower since last big update.