I did this in about 2 - 2.5 hours

Just some time on my hand . . . will probably colour it later too - and add some modds.


thats really neat

Cool. It has a lot of potential. You should see if you can complete the background, and delete the default cube which still appears to be sticking out of the side wall.

whoa… ididnt even notice tha =P…lol

yeah id try to finish the back round


1,000 post~!!! took a little over a year!! lol

Hey lil “g”. Wot you doing with your renders ? I’d love to see some more of your works. Last I’d seen was that humaniod dude …

Anyways - good spotting re: the default cube. Maybe I was just testing that the crits were coming from genuine blenderheads. Nah just joking. I was sloppy.

im working on a person…high poly…but i dont wanna start a thread…cuz idk how to make hands or feet…and its really bad…

Yeah the hands and feets are the among the harder things. That’s why I choose to use what other folks have done instead. Anyways congrats on hitting the 1000+ post count. Celebrate with a rendered soda pop ?

…yeah…i had like 9dr peppers today =)…lol

when i ask people to do them for me.i feel like im too needy…but if you could help me find some good Link(from zelda) reference pictures that would be great