I didn't even do anything!

Rendered in Blender 2.79b.

Popped in a HDRI, diffuse map, clicked Render and Cycles smacked me with this kind of realism, are you kidding me ?
and I am not even using the newly “enhanced” cycles renderer from the daily branch !

Zero Effort.

I don’t care what anyone says, Blender Cycles is head and shoulders with the best renderers out there.
The next time somebody tells me Blender Cycles sucks I will just show them this image and have them guess how long I took to tweak the renderer.
And then I will tell them I did nothing to the renderer and bath in their expression.

This might be my new hobby; effortless Blender.

I accidentally created this piece of art [if you would grant me the allowance to call it that] while making this video for people trying to get into Blender.

[Trigger Warning: this video will piss off “Blender can do no wrong Fan Boys”. I created this for people OUTSIDE of the Blender world to hopefully pull them in.]

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