I didn't give Gus knees!

While doing the Gus tutorial, in the 2.3 guide, I think I must have payed more attention to the picture than the directions, and I didn’t give gus knees. Now, I have done everything except animate Gus, and I have nothing to link the bone/armature to where gus’s knee should be. Is there any way that I can add vertices there? Do I just have to start over again?

Also, I named the bone/armature arcording to my own perspective and not gus’s…so gus’s left arm is called “arm.R”. I have already parented the body to the armature too, and I can’t figure out how to change the names now.

When is it a bone and when is it an armature. I don’t know the difference.

I searched the forums for a thread where this has been answered but I didn’t find anything.


You can split vertices using the knife-tool. Just select the vertices of the leg and press K->knife midpoints. Pull the yellow line straight trough the leg and that set of poly’s will be splitted when you hit enter.

The difference between armature and bone is that the armature is the whole skeleton and a bone is just a single bone in an armature. When making an object child of a set of bones, you have to make it child of the armature if you want to apply skeletal deformation.

For the vertex groups: there is no way to ‘flip’ vertex groups but you can easily change their names using the text-input in the vertex-groups tab in edit-mode. You can also remove vertices from a vertex-group without removing the group itself using the remove button in the same tab.


Your first problem can be solved with the knife tool. In mesh edit mode select the faces/edges in the leg you want to cut, press shift-K, select midpoints, leftclick and drag a line over the selection, release LMB and press enter. Voila, there’s your knee (if all went right)

The difference between bones and armature:
The armature consists of one or more bones. An armature is also called a skeleton in other 3D applications.

To change te names of the bones:

  1. Select the armature, press Tab to go in edit mode, press A to select all bones (they turn yellow), and press F9. Now you can edit the names of the bones in the buttons window.


  1. Go to the new outliner window in blender 2.35. Press + on your numpad to expand the levels until you see the names of your bones. Ctrl-leftclick on the name to change it.

Hope this solves your problems. Make Gus walk now!