I didn't have artifacts after baking in Marmoset but I have them in Substance Painter

I’m a beginner 3D Character Artist, I have one problem with my mesh (I’m preparing it for import to the game source). I remeshed my High Poly model in Blender, baked it in Marmoset, and now I have some artifacts in Substance Painter.

I’ve tried everything: I changed shading in Blender, I used triangulated mesh in SP (most of the artifacts are gone, but many remain), I triangulated low poly with different types of triangulate modifiers, I’ve tried to fix all the artifacts by hands (it takes too much time), I loaded my low poly in Maya and resaved it with another triangulation. Nothing helps fully erase all these artifacts. Maybe someone knows, how can I fix this trouble.

This… looks like inverted normals to me (check with Overlays → Face Orientation ; repair with select all Shift-N or switch single one width Ctrl-Shift-N) :


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Hello! Nice try but unfortunately not ((

You’ve checked both the low and high poly, right?

Beyond that, it could be a conflict between the two meshes during the bake. It wouldn’t hurt to play around with your ray distances a bit, or maybe try a cage.

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Right, HP doesn’t have flipped polygons too, but it’s triangulated may be there are some troubles with that. (But shouldn’t these troubles be visible on the normal map if so?)

I baked using a cage in Marmoset.

Also, the clear LP looks like these (without maps), maybe I did awful topology?

NM on LP (not in tris but in quads) model in Substance painter

The same NM in Photoshop

To compare - for me it looks like something happens in SP (like it triangulates with another algorithm)

I’ll try to find information about ray distances)

You’d think that you’d be seeing the shading errors mostly around the poles surrounding your belly button, but you’re getting them on relatively simple quads. Overall, your topology looks pretty good to me.

It might be a good idea to convert your low and high poly to tris before sending them out to Marmoset and Painter. Differences in the way these various programs split faces could lead to some shading errors, and having models with consistent topology across all three programs would lower your potential variables.

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Okay… ( or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )… because it wasn’t mentioned yet:

  • double geometry ( Edit Mode → Mesh → Merge → By Distance )
  • overlapping geometry ( Viewport Overlays ->Mesh Anaysis → Intersect )
  • bad custom normasl ( Object Data Properties → Custom Normal )

Out of ideas now :wink:.


Thank you!! I did it earlier, it makes everything better but some bugs are steel here :sweat_smile:
For example: (there is a star on the shoulder in topology):

And here:
Most of others are gone

So, do I need to change Topology anyway and bake/unwrap everything again to make the baking perfect?

Do you know, maybe Baking in Marmoset after retopo in Blender is not the best idea? (I just didn’t see the same issues in Maya + Marmoset + Substance pipeline) I really want to continue working in Blender, but the model should have nice shading in the game source in the future.

I’ve never used Marmoset, but I know it has one of the best bakers around. Any problems that arise between it and Blender might be due to some weirdo incompatibility between the two. Like your errors seem to be centered primarily in creases. Maybe Marmoset has trouble reading Blender’s sharp edges?

Also, it could have something to do with the file type you’re exporting it as. Are you using .fbx, or .obj? I don’t think that’d really be an issue, but it’s possible you could be losing some information in the conversion somewhere.

Though your problem is also limited so to small, specific areas, so maybe it’s a tiny retopo problem. You could have a face on the low poly/cage that’s positioned too shallow or too deep compared to the position of the underlying high poly, and it’s giving you some funky results.

You could also try to do the bake entirely in Painter. See if that gives you better results.

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Hmm i also don’t have Marmorset but i also saw some problems with blender and M… (or Substance P.?) over here:

… or in the more general Techincal Talk area… from PolyCount.


Thank you, you helped me not to be disappointed in my efforts and to try again to correct the mistakes, and to look at them more closely. Your tips have been very helpful and I am happy to be in such a good-natured, responsive community, Thank You !! :hugs:

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Wow, it can be helpful now and for sure it will help me with other things in the future!! Thank you a lot) It’s a pleasure to meet caring people who are willing to spend their time helping! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Unfortunately, I can’t put two Solution checkboxes, otherwise, I would have put you both.

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My typical “setups”:



Leaving tangent space calculations in SP may (and mostly - will) cause some shading artifacts.

Im doing all of this mainly for exporting models to Unreal Engine*. If you on the different edgines/rendering software it may not work for you.

*if you in enreal, you also need to set import setting to - Import tangents (iirc how its called exactly).

p.s. Just in case:
All triangulation should be done in blender. After this those triangulated model are final and should pass through all other softwares unchanged. You can simply put Triangulation modifier to all your exported model. No needs to apply those modifier.
Normally i set shadind to Shade Smooth and angle to 180 in blender. Any sharp edges added manyally.


Thank you for this detailed tutorial! I’ll try to use your rules and show results ) Hope it will work for me too, Thank you!

For some strange reason, I can’t export tangent space

I don’t have any n-gons (I checked them several times (for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 verticles)

And also I can’t use DirectX, cos my map doesn’t have the green channel for it (but it still has some troubles with polygons so even if I’ll create inversed green channel artifacts will stay)

Its not possible :slight_smile:
If you really sure what addons which you use to check meshes for ngons are working correctly:
Im sometimes expirience some bugs with box selection. So i can recommend: deselect all, and manually select all meshes for export one by one, or select them right in the outliner.

If problem wouldnt be solved:
Just put Triangulate modifier into all meshes. If modifiers are already there - chech that all of them are enabled.

p.s. just in case: normally you can just ignore the specific mesh name in those error, cause blender will show some wierd data there with mesh names which no longer exist in the scene.

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