I do not know how to rotate colors

I have made this 4th of a square

and I want to make it a full square, but to do that I want to rotate it. It is not an image and I do not want to make it one, so how can I rotate a color output like that up there ^

Hi Vapourstorage,

you don’t rotate the color, but you rotate the input texture coordinates. In your screenshot it’s not visible, on which texture coordinates you build your shader. But let’s assume you use the default ones (having nothing connected into the vector slots of the patterns), like in this example (sorry, I was just lazy and used the default brick texture instead of emulating a pattern, that only filles one quadrant):

Then you need to create explicit vector inputs. You take the Texture Coordinates node and in case you happen to be on version 2.83 you add a vector rotate node, that is setup to use a center of 0.5).

With this setup you can then use the angle value to rotate your pattern.

In case you’re not on the bleeding edge development version, you need to replace the vector rotate node with 2 maths and a mapping node:

First you need to subtract 0.5 from u and v coordinates to move the rotation center to the origin. Then you use a mapping node to rotate the coordinates. The 2nd math node adds the 0.5 again to the texture coordinates to get back to the original location.

Usually you would then put all the network into a group, instantiate that one 4 times and combine the colors (e.g. use the maximum in your example).

Hope that was somehow clear. If not don’t hesitate to ask.