I do not where to complain

I do not know, where to complain: either yes or no …?!
More than a fortnight ago I asked for a new project page at blender.projects.org and got a nice answer: you will be informed within 72 hours.
But I am still waiting!

I am busy with a script to join two connected selected vertices by as much as possible
quads, the rest with tris’ see my picture e.g. http://i51.tinypic.com/foumd.gif

It is activating the addon, select an object, select two NOT connected, but in itself via edges connected vertices and click the operator to do the stuff.
I hope that my description suffices.
And some more examples:

i’m not sure about the wait
sorry, once your in join http://projects.blender.org/project/admin/?group_id=153
if your having too much trouble you can speak to me or jesterking or mindrones on irc freenode #blenderpython

The link is forbidden (not available) to me. ‘big boss’ has to allow acces.
Message: (in Dutch)
Toegang geweigerd.

De beheerder van dit project moet je toestemming geven om deze pagina te bekijken.

OK, not comment needed anymore , contacted meta-androcto and jesterking … problem solved, I think :wink:

                                             ![http://projects.blender.org/themes/blenderTheme/images/clear.gif](http://projects.blender.org/themes/blenderTheme/images/clear.gif)                                           ![http://projects.blender.org/themes/blenderTheme/images/tabs/bottomleft-inner.gif](http://projects.blender.org/themes/blenderTheme/images/tabs/bottomleft-inner.gif)                 ![http://projects.blender.org/themes/blenderTheme/images/clear.gif](http://projects.blender.org/themes/blenderTheme/images/clear.gif)