I don`t understand the comparisons

(Alvaro) #1

I don`t understand the comparisons about Blender.
I’m think the first step on 3D worl of some people,
some kids also, is Blender.
The people who can buy, in next steps, another 3D sotf.
Blender can cover expectations of the most of people,
(the people i know, sorry) because everybody don’t
make 3D films.
I’m not O.k. with some of practices of the Soft-system
and Blender is like say: “another soft is possible”
Next i downloaded, the fist one, Blender, i bought in the
e-shop Blender guide. Because i don’t need more.
I do 3D works, about buildings, profesional works.
And in these forums there are “do firewood of the fallen tree”*

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(overextrude) #2

If I understand what you’re saying, I think a lot of Blender users have a lot invested in their passion for this software. Everyone wants to see Blender become better, to offer better modeling functions, etc., and they want to see NaN succeed as a company. In other words, it’s not just a matter of just putting down one tool and picking up another, it’s a little about a lot of things: passion, loyalty, investment (of time and/or money), community, etc.