I don't know what to do now.

As you could see i’ve been a major topic here for a little while now in wanting of me to be banned and my issues over nudity. I know I can somewhat be mentally unstable on this forum sometimes and I have been meaning to get this nudity issue resolved from a source outside this forum but what’s holding me back is that of telling them that this came up online. What do christians usually view nudity as? What does the bible say about it? Also, perhaps I should work a little harder on following crits and keeping them in mind but the problem is usually when I feel complete for an image I like the way it is. I don’t have to please people to be pleased with my image creations I just do it to be an artist. And everyone does have different views for an image.
On judging people that verse from luke a member posted the other day really did make since and others that were posted here. I should respect the fact everyone has made mistakes and we’re all sinners and that I shouldn’t be right away in judging people and focusing on their bad sides. Forget the list, play with it all you want it doesn’t matter anymore.

Also I should thank Alltaken for keeping my album up. You really do have some good qualities, take advantage of them.

um, am i missing something?
what happend?

You weren’t here.

Let me run this short. I act unstable on this forum, I don’t deal with image crits. too well. I have issues againsd nudity, I annoy everyone and people want me banned.

The end.

hi kansas…

going through obstacles is part of growing up in life…sad but true

that’s how life works many times…

just work on it… :slight_smile:

you sound like me on another fourm…

were you making nude models?thats acually good artistic practise.

oh…you have issues against it?

One thing, don’t be so quick to judge people just because of what they say. Otherwise you’ll have problems with not liking a lot of people.

i have that problem alot…

sorry, i fixed my post.

you acually have very good artwork.

i really have no idea what going on here.

however, i sense a flame war

please dont feed the trolls :wink:


The stupid in this thread is strong…
espcialy with me being its main contributer…

someone explain this to me…

i found a list for other people that are new:

  1. You are forcing your religion on others.
  2. You are not tolerant of others’ beliefs.
  3. You hijack many threads.
  4. You keep talking about suing the Blender Foundation because people are mean.
  5. If someone does not agree with you, you instantly get offended.
  6. You claim all nudity, artistic or not, to be offensive.
    1. There is a big difference between art and porn.
  7. You do not listen to anything anyone says.
    1. People try to help, but you don’t listen.
  8. You constantly tell others to change their ways.
  9. You constantly tell others of how they’re going to hell.
  10. You constantly tell people that they are corrupted.
  11. You make a list of corrupted people, but don’t even put me at the top!
    1. But, on the plus side, I am ahead of valarking.
  12. You are the biggest troll we’ve ever seen.
  13. You believe that a high-end render engine will produce a better render when using the same lighting setup in all images.
  14. You have threatened Ton.
  15. You have threatened Blender.
  16. You keep “threatening” us by saying you’ll buy some high-end 3D modeler. We couldn’t care less.

i do not claim credit or rightness of this list.

obviously, most of that llist must be wrong, due to u having the sense to make the above posts.

so, what is your defence

i want to hear both sides of the story

Man, it was so quite in these threads again. Please don’t let the fight restart.

please stop double/multi posting…try to condense your post in a single reply next time.

This story have been going for months…and it might be the end of it (I hope). not the end as kansas leaving the community…but the end as both side agree and shut up and stop the debates. I don’t feel the need to explain all what hapenned…kansas resumed it correctly I assume.

The bible says:

Nudity is different from porn. According to the catechism:

As you can see, porn is completely different. We’re taught in religion class by a Monsignor that nudity is not wrong in God’s eyes, but only in human eyes. P0rn is always wrong.


That alone is worthy of a painful death.

That alone is worthy of a painful death.[/quote]


That alone is worthy of a painful death.[/quote]