I dont know where my clothes disappear

Hello. Im trying to make clothes for sims 4 but when im importing obs they dont show up. I tried to rescale them but i dont see the difference. And on every yt video i wached when they were exporting obj the clothes was put automatic on the mesh and that doesnt happen to me. What should i do?

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A couple possibilities I can think of:

  1. Try pressing the . key on the numpad to recenter the camera on the object. If the object is scaled to the point of invisibility, this will help you find it.
  2. Make sure the collection you have selected is visible (both the eye icon, and screen icon). I don’t know for sure if you can import into a hidden collection, but if you can it wouldn’t be visible either. If you can find the object in you collection manager, you could also check that the viewport settings on the material aren’t making it invisible (this is unlikely to be the issue). Although, if you have backface culling on, and the object imports with inverted normals, yeah that would cause issues.
  3. Re-export and import (after closing and re-opening Blender, to ensure your last used settings for importing are gone). Follow another tutorial to export the mesh into an obj. You can also open your obj in a text editor to verify it looks correct and has data (file size should also work to check whether the obj is empty though).

For example, one of my objs looks like this (but with a couple thousand lines of this, a sims export is probably not as long, but still a few thousand lines). And yours probably won’t say it was exported with Blender of course.


Blender can import normal objs fine, so if you can’t import an obj, then either something is wrong with the obj (probably due to the way it was exported), or maybe you’re using an incorrect import setting somewhere.