I don't know where to start...

Hey all,

I tried many things to create something really easy, namely a TPTDG (third person tower defence game)

I explored all the templates, and learned some things about how to use scripting, but somehow I just don’t get all the things I need together.

What I want to make first is:

  • a template containing a plane,
  • a (castle) wall,
  • on this wall there are canons, and gunners that shoot enemy soldiers
  • upcoming place-holder boxes as enemy soldiers that are marching towards the wall, who at a certain point shoot back.
  • upcoming enemy canons

The more enemy soldiers you shoot the more canons and gunners you can place on the walls.

The more the enemy gets in control the harder it gets to win the game, which goal is (in the end) to limit the damage of the fortified city.

Also I’d like to add a health meter and a point counter somewhere in the interface.

The reason I ask for this is because I am working on a musical about the siege of the city (august 1672) I live in. Someone from the crew came with this idea and I thought it would be a very cool idea to work that out. Normally I start with the initial things (like templates and stuff, that other can work out in a way that I cannot achieve in one lifetime ;):no:)

In all, it gives me a lot of things to think about. Probably way to much to ask, but I need some inspiration; a starting point. Can you help me? :eyebrowlift:

Thanks in advanced,

Arnold | music composer