I don't quite get how to make hair

So I figured out how to seperate them into different vertex groups, I can more or less fashion it, but I don’t know how to change the material or make it look less like straw (less rigid).


if you go to the particles panel (you will need to change it for each of the particle systems) and scroll down to the render section there is an opetion to choose the material. its worth noting it doesnt give you the material name just the slot number. Change this to which slot you will be using and go to the material panel and you can edit it like anything else :slight_smile: I would suggest playing around with the strand thickness (can be found under the strand section of the material.) just check that the blender units option is ticked and then alter how many units thick you would like it etc. (the blender units option ensures that the particle thickness stays consistent in case you are planning on zooming in further etc. I personally turn the transparency on and completely transparent and then make a quick blend texture to alter the transparency so it fades along the strand :slight_smile:

sorry if i have gone a bit too in depth but i can explain in more detail if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Man that was perfect, thanks.

aye no worries :slight_smile: hopefully helped suss out your problem :slight_smile:

Wow nice job…Please upload Blend file.