I don't really know what this is...

…but tell me what you think of my modelling.
You might remember this from my robot post. I like this wireframe thing.

complete with unnecessary lens flare.

How to render wireframes in Cycles?

Nice!! I love it…


I like it. The modelling seems solid from what I can see.

@ @PiotrMP006 - I’ve been taking two screen caps lately and blending them in PS/Gimp. I take 1 screen with the ray camera, and one with the open gl render in editmode with edge select. Gets you a pretty nice wireframe.

it’s the most impressive looking thing i have but it’s really just a bunch of pipes and cubes.

I agree, the model looks very cool! Even if it is mostly just simple shapes, it’s much more advanced looking than anything I’ve ever made! I would love to see more!

yeah but they are very cool pipes and cubes…do more pls. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking of taking that modelling workshop on the cookie, can anyone that did it recommend?

Do you know any tutorial?

It looks like an industrial robot, or part of one.

It’s a really good model, lots of detail.

Do you know any tutorial?