I don't think people should work full time

I think people should only work part time jobs. However i’m not talking about giving up lawn care or giving up construction. I am talking about doing any job desired, but only part time.

As full time worker, you get more pay, and sometimes higher pay. I see this as a vanity, because even though you might have a nicer home, or better equipped car, it’s really a waste. What good does owning a home do, if you live at work. What good does a nicer car do, if you never use it.

As full time employee, you spend your entire life working, and that’s it, that’s all you did.

People who work parttime have better living even though they only have a single wide trailer to live in. They have time to do things other than work. They get to play MMO. They get to spend time with their family, other than to implement disclipine. They get to create new things, they get to think about innovative ideas and test them out. They might be driving a 4 banger used car, and live in a trailer, but they have a much better quality of life than the full timers. This is because they get to spend time doing things they love, rather than working their entire life.


It’s hard to create new things and test innovative new ideas when you have no money.

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Yes, the benefits of leisure time is limited if you don’t have the money to actually do fun activities like sports and video games.

Unless of course, we actually do arrive at the day where everything is robotized, replicators become ubiquitous and the cost of everything from golf balls to houses goes close to zero, but that right now is mainly a pipe dream for those who believe the solution to their money problem is the outright obsolescence of money itself.

You’re just writing this to justify your own laziness. Some people actually enjoy what they do for a living. If you don’t, that’s also fine, just apply it to yourself, not everyone. It almost sounds as if you naturally assumed everyone has exactly the same priorities and desires as you.

I could easily refute all the other nonsense you’ve written, but there’s no point to dig too much into specifics because it’s beyond obvious you just want to justify your lack of motivation/success/skill or whatever it may be.


I would correct that people should not be forced to work full time to survive.
Not in 2020, where automation and artificial intelligence have almost extinguished the repetitive and monotonous works of the 20th century.

Evolution. Free time, the Greeks and the Romans had a positive term called Oziare (idleness)

"The Greeks at the time of their splendor had only contempt for work, only slaves were allowed to work: the free man knew exclusively gymnastic exercises and games of the spirit. This was the era in which people lived and breathed in the midst of a people of Aristotle, Phidias and Aristophanes; these were the times when a handful of brave men swept away the hordes of that Asia in Marathon that would soon conquer Alexander. The philosophers of antiquity taught contempt for work, degradation of the free man; poets sang idleness, a gift from the gods: “O Meliboe, deus nobis haec otia fecit” (“O Melibeo, this idleness is the gift of a god”) "
(Virgilio, Bucoliche)

Robots too will have hopes and dreams, enslaved to man’s idleness and perfidy…


depends on what one believes “Living life to the fullest!” means. Because beliefs are often times most poisonous elements in any kind of being. As it changes minds, a thought process & perception on truth, it blinds perception on relativity.
ie. Values. Pi it’s not relative, neither is Phi nor Planck’s constant. One cannot simply consider relation as one pleases.

Similarly… If one want’s to help other, that one should realize that the bad, bad thing must first be prevented within itself. Everyone caries light, does renderings of Heaven and Hell within self. So “Do unto others, as you’d like others do unto you.” A thought that especially every authority, official, politician… nowadays should be aware of.

& Robots are just plain tools and our ‘silent’, deceiving way of disrespecting everything - being well and naturally alive. It is mindless, soulless matter for the sake of… “What you don’ use, you loose.” :wink: Try not to personify/idolize a stone, especially when the stone is/was used to take… and end life forcefully. Aggressor…

There are people who actually enjoy their work

There is no way that I would be able to do what I enjoy if it wasn’t for my job.

*“Do what you love, and the money will follow.”

And hopefully, during the course of your hopefully-long life, there will turn out to be many, very-different things that you discover that you “love” – or, come to love – in this way.

If you feel that you are “stuck in a hole,” then you need to challenge yourself to discover a different course that works better for you.

“A life half-lived is not worth living.”

I don’t think people should die… but good luck with that too.

What if the proposal were rephrased? I can’t say I agree with the idea that people shouldn’t work full time myself because it suggests that there is a set amount of time all people should be required to work less than when, in my opinion, a person should be able to devote as much or as little of their time to “work” as they so please.

What if we say people shouldn’t be ‘required’ to “work” n amount of hours. This is in and of itself interesting when you throw in new research into the essence of time which suggests not only is n amount of hours different from person to person, but that n amount of hours is even different from your feet to your head.

Of course there are those who would say if people are not required to work then they will not work. I have a few caveats with this sentiment, not the least of which being that those uttering this sentiment would themselves work even when not required to do so.

At any rate I must then ask, if all the world’s elegible mates refused to have sex with you would it then become acceptable to rape them?

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I think that automation should be supporting peoples daily lives at home.

earthships, food forests, organic farming, green power etc.

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I agree with most of the post. The only issues I see with chosing when you want to put in hours is the schedules. There would be a big source of stress trying to stay on top of when each employee want’s to work considering that there are probably others that want to work the same time slots. You can’t have all the chefs show up to the kitchen in the afternoon, and when dinner/ rush hour comes around have no one to cook.

Also if I were you I’d rephrase this.

I understand what you mean by it but I worry other people may not understand and take offense to it or something.

This point of view is much harder to justify when you have a family to support.
I may not see the inside of my home as much as they do, but they can, because I choose not to.

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I think it would require a radical reimagining of how we work and what it means to work. My perception of people differs from that of western culture, probably eastern culture too, but I’m not terribly familiar so I cannot be certain.

The question I posed hits hard, I think, at the authoritarian work ethos, but I don’t actually see a lack of motivation to work as an issue. A couple people here mentioned that they love their jobs and that’s something I can work with, something I can speak to because, while I don’t myself have a job, I do work and I love what I do.

I love programming and I love modelling. I do these things as much as possible. Back when I had access to an outlet, I only have access to portable solar power now, I would program and model for hours on end day and night. This was because I wanted to. There was no promise of reward, I just loved doing it.

So, what if everybody felt the same way about their jobs? Before you get all who’s gonnna clean the toilet on me just listen for a moment. I’m not saying coordinating efforts wouldn’t be an issue, but I wouldn’t see it as being any more of a problem than it is today.

Let’s say you had 300 engineers working on a new rocket engine. Each one or small group working on aspects of the engine that depend on work other people and groups of people are doing so it behooves the project that people show up and work at reasonably similar points in time, say 8am or so. The reason this isn’t such a big problem is that all 300 of the engineers want to see this bird fly! They love what they’re doing and they can’t wait to wake up, grab a cup of coffee and tackle the next big problem.

Okay well not everybody loves making rocket engines and even if they did most people aren’t well equipped for that sort of task right?

Lucky for us there’s a wide variety of personalities and interests out there. I had a friend years back who loved landscaping. That’s right mowing lawns and planting flowers. The man had a tattoo of a John Deer tractor on his leg! To those of us who aren’t much for manual labor it seems so unlikely thay anyone would actually want to do it, but I can assure you these people exist.

There’s no need to interview, there’s no need for aptitude tests. People will naturally gravitate to that which interests them and their natural affinity for it makes them the perfect candidate for the job.

You don’t “put in hours” any more than you clock in for a round of Halo with friends.

I will consider ways to rephrase this. I must say though, in my experience I’d be hard pressed to say anything at all without offending someone.

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I saw the Matrix and I lived it as a metaphor, I was inside it and I came out of it … I lived these useless times sometimes working a lot without bringing home satisfactory results for how the society was configured,and sometimes not working at all and im going into a state of dismay because I lacked a worthy purpose to experience and live …
so … what is freedom? is it slavery?

Why do you persist?

the third part … for those who do not remember how it ends …



I agree with a lot you said. I think I understand your point of view better now than I had before. Thank you for showing me another way to look at this as it actually helps me with finding a job. I feel a little more compelled to seek out a job that interests me more than a job that pays better. I’m aware that the road to the job I want will be long but I feel less intimidated by it now. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

In western culture people are considered guilty until proven innocent. This is to say a person is considered a burden on society until proven otherwise. Proving otherwise is a lifelong task in which a person must continuously build a case for themselves, growing a body of evidence to prove they are, instead, valuable to society. Having a job is one of the more important pieces of evidence, but owning a car, a house, finding and maintaining a life partner, etcetera…

Contrast this with Native American culture. In Native American culture it was acknowledged that all of the tribe’s wealth and power came from its people. An individual was considered the most valuable asset available to the tribe. When someone passed it was viewed as a great loss to the tribe, the whole tribe, and people were asked to make every effort to replace this person with haste, conceiving a child that is.

In Native American culture people were greatful and thankful to have one another. Because of this view towards one another crime was extremely rare. There were no police or jailhouses, they were unnecessary. Theft was considered something no intelligent person would do. Bringing harm to another member of the tribe brought harm to the tribe and that which was harmful to the tribe was harmful to the individual so harming another would’ve been akin to self mutilation.

In wesern culture crime is quite prominant, but here people look at others as burdens so assaulting someone or stealing from someone is considered by the perpetrator to be of benefit to themselves. They are removing a burden from their lives.

P.S. It wasn’t necessary to “earn a living” in Native American culture. You had already earned it simply by existing. People didn’t hate each other like they do in western culture. People did things for one another partly because they liked one another, but also because this other person’s existence was beneficial, rather than burdensom, so helping them meant helping themselves.

It’s all in the way we see each other.