I don't think people should work full time

Historically, every time someone created a new way to do something which required fewer people to do it, the demand simply expanded. We don’t use steam locomotives anymore, which eliminated thousands of “full-time jobs” spent building and maintaining them, but we ship more freight by railroad than ever before. (And, “we ship more freight by railroad than ever before” be-cause we don’t have to use steam.)

“Sitting around on your own ass with nothing to do” might sound idyllic – until you try it. Pretty soon, you’re looking for something to do … and, you find it.

I’m a firm believer that, several times during your life, you should change “what you do for a living.” Re-invent yourself, if only to re-remind yourself that you actually can.

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Some people work because they have to, most work because they want to.

Having a ton free time in your hands doing nothing may sound fun the first few months but most people don’t even last that long. We are active animals.

We love to have a purpose and being useful to others. That wont be changing any time soon.

There are currently over 7 billion people on this planet and decades since this quote was said.

Perhaps it could be that this technological breakthrough is very elusive or simply a very difficult thing to actually pull off :wink:

Sure, people can make a variety of items themselves now if they manage to get a 3D printer, but they are still pretty far from causing everything from PC’s to houses to fall to a price of nearly zero (as those dreaming of Star Trek’s utopia want to see).

Just sit back and continue enjoying Blender, Elon Musk will take care of us all. :wink:

It seems with each new advancement there are those who think the technology required to save us from ourselves is just around the corner, yet it never seems to materialize. All this false hope has done is give us reason to procrastinate any and all effort to really look into the problems we face as a society and seek real viable solutions.

We don’t need to fix our deeply ingrained hatreds, lingering animosities from wrongdoings long since forgotten. We’ve come to far to fix that, all we can do now is wait for technology to make it so we need not depend on each other anymore. Wait for technology to grant us the ability to go our separate ways and never have to deal with each other ever again.

I watched a video recently about future technology. It was a stupid YouTube video that probably has little basis in reality, but the idea was to peer deep into the future to see what things may come. Their conclusion was that the aforementioned technology is not likely to come into existence for, at least, the next 180,000 years if at all.

I, for one, don’t want to wait that long. I don’t think our default attitude towards one another is that of hatred and distrust. I think we made some mistakes, some big mistakes in our past that lead our ancestors to dislike one another. One mistake deserved another in return, tit for tat acts of revenge turned into world wars that threaten our very existence.

It doesn’t have to be this way if we would only just forgive ourselves.

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well, universal income will become a must or mass will annihilate the elite
also, making an EMP candy aint’t that hard

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but “death” doesn’t exist, it’s just a perception. It’s also a perfect way to keep life fluent, ever changing, healthy & evolving. For intelligence, mind to really get to grips with what life is - interactivity, sharing, love, passing it all on - thus individual, self aware cosmic intelligence reflecting everything as what seems nothing (what is a thought), can give its own meaning to existence… create another or parallel cosmos :wink: having to end this visit is just a farewell to an ego, which some can achieve while their body is being optimum - fully active & functional

indeed… there’s so much energy concentrated, power in capital generated, centralized, just from industry exploiting the natural resources & with human’s individual ingenuity universal income is becoming a must… power must be dispersed, otherwise we’ll witness bad, bad & sad…

for a century now, are manipulated masses which do most damage, while minorities are most adaptable and acceptable to change or still living the way human lived for millions of years - but sadly, more are joining the bad, blind majority in following infinite stupidity – eternal life in state of matter… :smiley: it’s linear cycle, a spiral and so much more

still, we have just began to see and understand the grandiose fact of unknown reality

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I think u can’t just assume that all people on the world are same and need same things.

Some people gonna be happy living on the street cause they are totally free. Other people gonna be unhappy when they don’t have opportunity to have succesfull carrier or own expensive things. And other people gonna have 2 full time shitty jobs to just survive or to ensure the survival of a sick family member.

People have diffrent dreams, goals, lifestyles, starting positions - just accept that.

Do not be the guy who seems to know what’s best for everyone else. :slight_smile:

these robots are so cool to see them at work …
but there is a criticism I want to make …
if they must be fast and effective, why the choice to make them do the acrobats? damn it, how much time should you lose for all those times they have to find their center of gravity?

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Yes, that’s what I was thinking too. The center of gravity balancing system looks very cool, but it doesn’t seem like the most efficient solution, more of a show-off of what can be done using the latest technology.

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I think what Humanartist is saying is that the trade-off for being a materialistic hoarder is not as satisfying as being an artist and creative explorer. Also, the way societies are structured, a great majority of people are forced to work too much—often two jobs with long hours—leaving little choice as to what else they can do. And then you add kids, marriage, mowing the lawn, praying and singing national anthems, and there goes your life.

Better luck next time, as the Buddhists might say. :slight_smile: