I don't understand how this is done..

I was looking through some sort of tutorial, but for a different 3D program… and it doesn’t explain much about some things…

I’m working on a head, and I want to cut out eye sockets like in the example I’m looking at. But I have no earthly idea how they created the socket shape in this image:

THIS IS NOT MY IMAGE, it’s from the other 3D program (Silo)

It’s like they added new vertices along certain edges… but I’ve never heard of a way to do that in blender… any idea what to do here?


Press K and use the Knife multicut to cut 2 edges in the center face. Then delete Faces and Edges from the 2 outside faces and rebuild them as shown by selecting 2 verts and making an edge with F. Then select the Verts that make up a Face and fill with faces with F again.


well unfortunately, fligh’s idea works, but you cant do exactly what you see in the picture…

thats becuase there is a pentagon of sorts, right next to the eye. in blender, polygons can only consist of either three or four vertices, so basically, you can’t do that…

however, you can do that with f-gons or (hopefully in the future) using real n-gons

i hope this helps

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I tried that same tutorial today and I made the eye socket using the “Bevel Center” script (just select the edge that’s supposed to be where the manipulator is and bevel it WITH THE SCRIPT… if you do it with Blender’s bevel you will cry):


But as you know, Blender still lacks N-GONS so in my example you can see those nasty, useless new edges.

Making F-GONS doesn’t help anyway because the extra vertices (not in this particular case) that are created are still shown (with N-GONS you don’t have extra vertices) and the normals don’t get aligned in one continuous surface.