I dont understand how to apply the SSS

So I posted this same question in textures, and Hmph, tried to help me, but I do not understand. And cant get there from here. smile.

I just want to make simple skin in GE. I created a test box, with a skin.

I used the uv unwrap to apply the image.

Then in the materials, I created a new material and used the same image in the first slot, map to uv, and in the map input, used translu.

Then I set the sss to skin 2 and put a beige in the col and a blue in the spec. and I dont get any sss at all, you know?

So can someone, Please, please please, take me by the hand and show me how to do it correctly?

PapaSmurf said they are mutually exlusive…

As far as I know SSS it’s only to be used in the render, not the ge.

You’ll have to use textures to create skin.

are you just rendering it or baking to the UV map image? try not changing the colors and baking it, or playing around with options.

Just pressing p for play in GE. I dont see a difference when I render it either, so no baking.

Thanks for asking

So I looked at Mmph’s chick demo because it uses SSS. But if I just delete the body material and use the clothes material instead, which has the body on it too, then the chick looks the same.

As least I think so. Anyone else with ideas about this?

Thanks, very much.

the sss dosent work with the real time rendering, I just painted that on her in Zbrush.

I hope a GLSL guru can help us out with this, most modern GFX cards will do a SSS shader in real time.

I have a feeling that baked sss won’t look very good for the same reason that baked reflections aren’t done all that much (since it has to do with the relative angle and position of the object, light, and camera) and the resources used for an sss shader could probably be better used in other ways