I dont want to choose between "fall though the floor, or slide around on it." help?

Hi, im working on a new game sort of like Jak and Daxter or something, and i’m having a seriously annoying problem where if i run up a steep slope i fall though it, the only way to fix this problem is to set the Physics Friction to 0. and then i have the problem of sliding down slopes no matter how steep they are. i need to have another way to not slide around, or to have my player not fall though the floor, the only other thing i can think of is to select my ground and hit Shift D, to duplicate it, and use two floors, resulting in a better Triangle mesh collision surface but im thinking this would cause my game to lag later on when the surface is covered in trees, buildings and textures.
Also, for the blend file i left the Physics Friction at 1.

thank you in advance. ~ᴬᴬᴿᴼᴺ


Low_Lux.blend (1.46 MB)

You’re using simple motion “Loc” aren’t you. Yeah, you are.
Trust me, that is the worst possible way to do it. Use servo motion, it’s the only way to get physics-real motion. Here’s why:

The simple motion Loc system:
Every time I am activated, I teleport X units along an axis
It teleports, meaning yes, it teleports through things.

The servo motion system:
Every time I am activated apply X force along an axis unless I am travelling at, or faster than Y speed.
Notice that? Sounds a bit more like what it should be.

Have a look at tutorialsforblender3d for how to use servo motion.

thanks, im trying to understand the Servo Control Type now, do you know of any way to make it where i run up or down slopes at about the same speed? currently i run uphill very slowly and downhill i move very fast.

Sounds like you’ve got it to apply a zero-speed force on the Z axis. Set the Z axis “max” and “min” to zero

thanks so much for your help, ive got it all working now. :slight_smile:
…now i need need a modeler…