I dont want use microsoft hotmail anymore. What you suggest me?

Is there an open source related e-mail that i ca use ?

i want privacy.

uh… dunno … I use gmail :smiley:
(also yahoo, and aim )

Dont say it, you got hacked !?! I use Gmail and yahoo too, i dont think of any other email services site are any good than them!
here its not an E-mail service but its cool called Skype http://www.skype.com
Hoh about to forgot! AOL is an E-mail service site http://www.aol.com/ I personally did not
use but there are users out there like there services.

Most likely gmail is worse than hotmail when it comes to privacy. I personally do not use anything google because of sneaky their privacy policies. I would suggest you to start thinking about paid service. Free services are there to invade your privacy in any way they can.


I use this mostly. Most people I send this to think I work for these jokers.

Ya! but TweakingKnobs want open source related e-mail !
but if you want privacy I think plec is right on that, pay-up Dod! :evilgrin:

i personally use www.gmx.com

What the ! How that pass by me! :mad:
www.gmx.com looks good I think i may try it maybe! :confused:

If you want privacy, don’t use the internet :wink: about the best you could do would be to set up your own mail server.

yeah, and it has POP3 and IMAP support… so i can access it using Thunderbird, which i can’t do with hotmail or yahoo (unless i pay some money i think).

ditto :wink:

Gmail. I use it and it’s so super safe. I’ve had the account for almost a year ( 3/4 year? ) and I have 0, None, Nada, Zilch spam. None at all. Not even in the spam folder!

Spam has nothing to do privacy. You get spam because someone got a hold of your email adress. Privacy is a different thing here.

Gmail saves every email you get. So no its not exactly private. They also save every search you make. So if its privacy you want then don’t use the internet.

Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo support POP3…

I use gmail, as well as one with my own domain. I highly recomend Thunderbird, it’s great.

Actually you can access both of those with the Webmail plugin for Thunderbird. It’s what I use for my Yahoo account.

Last 2 emails are irrelevant to the original post :slight_smile:

make that 3 scnr

TK I suggest you get some webspace. There you have your own Pop3 server with mostly 250-500 email aliases… that should do it :slight_smile:

And don´t tell me its expensive :smiley:
i pay 23 Euro per year and got 12GiB webspace, no trafficlimit, 25mysql servers, 150 email adresses and 250 subdomains, php5, pearl, SSI, ftp access.

TweakingKnob as you are in Germany check out www.web.de and www.gmx.de (same as gmx.com or gmx.net) They have a pretty strict privacy and they have to oblidge to the German “Datenschutz Richtlinien”.
You might also take a look at a private webhosting (server4you.de the vservers or 1&1 or bluehost) they have email servers you can use.

I highliy recomment web.de as they are doing a “Post Ident Verfahren” to check your identy. So it is unlikely that you will have any spammers on there. Plus you can always switch to the paid alternative with messaging center and the like.

I use Gmail also, no spam… ever.