I-Doser is a program that is LEGAL (I don’t want this thread closed) and uses sound to simulate drugs, it uses binurual beats which send a different frequency of sound into each ear and creates a new frequency inside your head which changes the frequency of your brainwaves to the same you would get with the selected drug . Has anybody used this before because it is very interesting. I tried an mp3 of “French roast Coffee” and it did wake me up like it said.it is really cool. Discuss your theories here.
I think its awesome.

yeah it works great, i used it to simulate an egg sandwich, now i fart a lot.
then i used it to simulate brittney spears, now i feel bad.
then i used it to simulate morphine, now i don’t care that i feel bad.
then i used it to simulate stem cell growth, now i have ttthree heads & a stutter.
then i had to buy two more ipods.
then we all used it to teleport to the moon… no hang on that’s not right.
really i used it to simulate acid, all the above was a hallucination.
then i used it a for a cure for all the worlds diseases, then we all died.
not really, i did use it to teleport to mars & brought back lots of martian water.
i have now frozen the water & can post some to you in cube form, it is very good & increases telekinesis & molecular structural strength, so your like superman.
Only $500 per cube! Get it now before it melts.

…no waaaay…really?


Awwwww i only have 2 iDrugs

Testing it right now.

25% of Marijuana. Feel nothing yet.

I guess really sadistic people would enjoy doses of “ex-girlfriend”, “mother in-law” and “caught in zipper”:p…lol

100% and it didn’t work. :no: I’ll try more later.

Don’t need it, I have my natural supply between my ears… there’a real chemical factory in there, I mean, morphine, adrenaline… what more could you want that your brain doesn’t already produce naturally…

Also: you’d need more than soundwaves to change your brainwaves… or you’d need to know the exact make up of somebody’s neuronal ways to induce a reverberation of the neurons to produce said effect… Of course anything louder than 70 Decibels might work, but it will also damage your hearing permanently.

The idea seems very interesting, but if you want to stimulate neurons I’m afraid the only way to get it right is to use light , or pin a needle into somebody. With sound there’s no direct link to any neurons, and human brains are really good at filtering out “noise”. Of course, depending on your brain, your mileage might vary… placebo’s work on some people after all.

I tried a different program like this a while back, and it didn’t work. I set it to make me fall asleep, and I couldn’t get to sleep all night, until I turned it off.

You do have to give the guy’s credit for legally ripping off people who will believe anything.
I remember a site that took the Mars maps off the NASA site several years ago, then proceeded to carve it up into real estate blocks, cost more for an edge of a crater with better views, buy them now to hold your place before colonization, these guy’s made a fortune until someone complained & they had to give all the money back for selling something they did not own.
Ahh internet scams, only the best are legal.

Apparently there’s one dose that makes you believe you’re a gragon. That one clearly works.

hahahaha… every time I see this thread, I bust a gut. I strain at my leash, to keep my comments at bay. This is killing me.