i downlaoded some mocap moves

and im clueless here i have a great body to rig but how do i put them on

im a complete noob in the animation world of blender so if u understand wat i mean then plz help

Mocap - It does work and I’ve gotton some impressive walk cycles and dances (unfortunately they’ve been copyrighted for a client). I would suggest that you lookup all the information in the forum regarding this . . . some will give conflicting accounts and others just plain do not work. The BVhacker program is a great tool . . . but in my opinion you should at some stage try to actually open the BVH file in text form, and have a look at it. It may help in the future. The first bit (co-ordinates) before the loads of numbers can be changed and helped when I used several files on the same skeletal structure. Sorry I can’t help further . . . I left the project about six months ago . . . and had to leave all my notes along with the job!
Tip: Use the track-to contraint instead of what is mentioned in one of the forum!
//** I’ve corrected some of your grammer too **//
I have recently downloaded some mocap files
and am quite clueless on how to apply it a great rigged mesh. I would like
some information regarding this. Thank you in advance,