I drunk too much beer. Now i have to make a p...RGB

Ok. As i said, i have to make a lot of corections to my “Beer art”
Misc tools i used for layout were: Sodipodi and PovRay


And next is improoved shader for head of beer. Its Yafray ofcourse:)
and the next one:

And opened again my old good bike:)

More interesting stuff you’ll find at WiP stage.


Ok. The cause nad the effect…hehe

Burt, I like the work! Especially the foam on the beer, although it seems almost too perfect… perhaps a drip or two running down the side of the glass?

The one detail that caught my eye was the “14.6% wag.” on the side of the cans. “WAG” in American slang stands for Wild Ass Guess. Thus it makes for a great joke to have a specific percentage (14.6) of WAG (or blind guesswork) as an ingredient for your images… get it? :smiley: Okay, I know that’s not what you meant, but I thot it was funny…

Great work!

Haha. Unexpected joke. I didn’t attend it. “Wag.” ist shortcut of polish “Waga” and eng. “Weight” .

There’s only two things I don’t like in all these pictures:

  1. The foam on the beer doesn’t look very real.
  2. The crushed cans have got some very unrealistic deformations particularly at the top of the can around the rim.

Other than those two nags, I have to say that there’s some pretty impressive stuff here. The motorbike is pure wow! :slight_smile:


I’m only seeing the beer in a glass. When I tried direcly going to the links, I got the following:

Przykro nam, strona chwilowo nie dzia?a z powodu przekroczenia godzinnego limitu transferu.

Aby uzyska? wi?cej informacji, kliknij tutaj

Je?li potrzebujesz konta bez ogranicze? godzinnego limitu oraz z wi?ksz? pojemno?ci? i wi?kszym transferem - mo?esz wykupi? konto Republika Pro i dodatkowe limity.

Zajrzyj tu ponownie za jaki? czas.

Yikes. Sorry. I’ll give C&C if I can get the links to work.