I entered the cgtalk gods and demons contest

(Darkelfv) #1

all made blender here is the link to the my thread with pics there

Tell me what you think, I can’t seem to get them to tell me what they think lol

Long LIve Blender

(pofo) #2


I like the legs alot. Head and torso need more work, but hey it’s a wip right :slight_smile:

Keep at it

:slight_smile: pofo

(Darkelfv) #3

Update lower on the page I updated my pics on the cgtalk.com
Comments welcom

(paradox) #4

I have to say its been fun watching the progress from the basic shape to the heads to the latest pic. I like it, very well done my son.


(S68) #5

I like it a lot.

Only puzzled by mouth, there is something I cant’ describe in those mandibles which don’t satisfy me… maybe it’s because they are so flat and protuding?

Don’t really know…

BTW can you give more hints on that contest?


(Poju) #6

Very nice char. Head seems little blocky, but spikes are great.

I desided to enter contest too: http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3935