I exchange flash script knowledge against python knowledge.

(pikilipita) #1

That’s to much !!

I don’t understand anything in python, :x
and i don’t know where to begin. :-? And i want to know python. :stuck_out_tongue:

i exchange all i know about actionscript ( script programming used in flash) against all you know about python. I know everything in flash but using php and databases.

Oh, and i can add all i know about 3dsmax ( modelling animating & texturing) to this offer !

Check my site, it’s all made in flash 5.

(joecool) #2

sorry, I can’t tell you where to learn python, someone should know the link to the workshops…I think there is a link to them from the
green.dydnes.org or whatever the link is, I forget…
anyway, I can’t figure out your site, I’ve been there before but I just couldn’t figure out how to get anywhere. I like your flash skills though…very nice!

(blendedHKU) #3

Hey there,

You don’t need to trade knowledge, you can learn Python all on your own, especially
if you allready now Actionscript, it shouldn’t be to hard.

Go to the python website, www.python.org, and do the tutorial (I believe the url is python.org/tutorial). There’s lots of info out there.

I also recommend buying the O’Reilly book called ‘learning Python’.