i feel pretty dumb bothering you guys :(

but I can’t figure this thing out. I’m very new to the blender GE and I’m trying to get my camera to follow my “marble”…and it has worked… to an extent. I parented my camera to a vert on my sphere but when I rotate the ball the camera doesn’t follow… if that makes any sense haha. it works when I move the ball on the x,y, and z axis though.

Try adding a “Camera” actuator to the camera, setting the object to the marble, and un-parenting it from the marble (alt-P)

setting the object to the marble…?

kotakotakota is saying to add the actuator called “Camera” to your camera. That actuator needs an object (to make the camera follow). Tell it to follow the marble object, but make sure you unparent the camera from the marble first by selecting them both and doing alt p.

Thanks for the “translation” :stuck_out_tongue: