I feel so stupid ... how do I un-magnify a particular user-interface window?

At the bottom of a particular Blend file that I am working on right now, I have somehow :o managed to quite bollux-up the bottom window of the user-interface, if it is set to “Properties View.”

If it is so set, that particular window is “massively zoomed-in.” The fonts are 16-point or better … and I :o don’t remember how :o to “zoom it out again” so that its contents are drawn in normal size, like all the other windows are.

If I change to a different type of window, it displays normal-size. But Properties, displayed in that window, is zoomed. (Displayed anywhere else it is not.)

I’m running the latest … but this shows up in other versions too, so it is “the file contents.”

I’m ready to whack myself on the forehead and say, "D’oh!"​ now. Anyone?

numpad plus or minus may be the culprit

Hoover over the window an scroll with the wheel

With you mouse curser in a window, pressing the Home key on your keyboard will reset the size of the controls

Ctrl, Left-click and drag.

Save your file and open a new one(reload startup). Then in the open dialog uncheck the load UI checkbox. Then open your saved file and it should open in the default startup configuration. This solves all kinds of window mess-ups!

Thanks, DruBan. That (rather extreme) suggestion worked like a charm. I’d never noticed the Load UI checkbox and would never, ever have guessed what it was for.

MoXX: your suggestion merely scrolled the contents of the window.

Dustractor, Richard: I’m using a laptop with neither a separate keypad nor a Home key. (Yeah, I know, “sux with Blender.” I’m about to talk myself into a nice USB full-keyboard for the thing…)

Thanks to all.