I feel trapped "major problem"

hello BA

i don’t know how to start , …

i feel i didn’t achieve anything !!! :frowning:

whenever i start a new project it gets cancelled due obscure reasons !!

the list of failure

zodiac spear game <<< suspende

i know that i have posted this guy zillion times !!! :frowning:

new one with new character
also thought of making zs into this platform style , example = sin & punishment

written tutorial <<< suspended
tutorial , modeling for games

then into a PDF that was intended to be for sale …


Manga Workshop <<<<<<< suspended

when i decided to quit graphics

BWC entry , broken knees <<<<<<< suspended

cyborg ninja <<<<<<< suspended

Haneen <<<<<<<<<<< working on it since there’s a crew

BGE Free Complete course <<<<<<<<<<< working on it

in the future i wish i can make a motion capture device

skipped several things that was canceled too , …

i feel trapped , i want to stop this behaviour today … , HELP !!!

in top of that , i want to improve my 2d painting skills , and python programming

in top of this , my majority is Mechatronics Engineering which by it’s self needs a lot of time !!!

what should i do … ?

i’m about to have my headed exploded … that’s too much

i have registered this simister

1-mechanics of materials
2-engineering math
3-electronics I “device”
4-Circuit II
5-Technical writing
6-engineering drawing

that’s a lot of load … , i can’t have my self missed up more than this …

Sorry if I may sound rude, but…

Instead of complaining about what went wrong with your live (something that happens with EVERYone), and going around and around those things, make a list of all the things you achieved.

I have told you that before:
If you really like mechatronics, you should have no problem spending less time with other non-essential activities. Remember that many other people lived through college.
If taking the course is so difficult, just take register for less classes, or change curse.

I’m saying this because I’ve been there, I’ve seen and I have survived, like many other people. And guess what? Life does not get easier with time. You’ll have to learn to live with it.

There was a saying that I read somewhere. Can’t remember how it went. It was something about “You’re only one step away from finishing when you quit”.
That is the motto that can help you finish something.

I think you should start from the beginning Finish it and do not care how bad it turns.

I for one have given up graphics for now and is pursuing programming and school once again.

Good luck.

Stop wasting your time on these forums and posting 20 treads a day may help :rolleyes:

Zia this is happening to everyone, not one, and I also

I do not know how it ended
Yet all this did not stop work

Therefore, we must first ensure that your studies and then completed the

And more frequent mention of God

Good luck

This is about 1/10 the size of my list of failures :smiley: Just keep going, it’s not the end of the world

if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. What else would you do? Just get smarter about choosing which to start. Try to look at those that were cancelled and figure out early warning signs or indications that they were going nowhere, so you can more intelligently select those projects to work on. Also, isolate your success from the project success (or cancellation). i animated all characters for an iphone game recently, that was cancelled. but I learned a lot and it is on my resume.

I’m with PapaSmurf. All those things you did might have been failures as a whole, but there must have been things you learned from it, so it’s never a complete failure.

Also, try to do less. I know, it sounds difficult in a world where so many things are possible and available to do these days. But you will have to make choices, because you cannot choose to learn how to paint (like the best painters of the world), while at the same time learning how to make games, and at the same time learn how to sell shit, and at the same time do 3 contests, and at the same time make 10 different 3d models, and at the same time learn how to build a motion capture device, and at the same time learn to program with Python, and at the same time do your Mechatronics Engineering thing, and at the same time start a workshop, and at the same time write a PDF, and at the same time do your best to become a top poster at BlenderArtists :wink:

What I’m basically trying to say here, is this: do less, do more.

When you start something, finish it first before moving on to your next goal, and don’t do more than a few things at the same time. You’re only human, not a computer. Accept that and pick the things you think would be best for you to learn or do in your life.

You mean like this?

heh, i’d help you out with that Zodiac game…
it looks awesome.

but, dude, thats NOTHING. look at all my threads that i’ve started.
only like TWO of the models i’ve ever made have been finished. and they were cheap and easy.
your stuff is like… complicated and more detailed. of course you won’t be able to finish something like that! but, it looks cool in the process. you just need patience if you wanna make big things like what you’ve got.

It’s hard to be interested in so much, isn’t it? I think this is something that bedevils many creative people. The world is just so full of neat, cool, interesting things, and every last one gives you a new idea for something to do. Speaking just for myself, I’ve had a long struggle to not give in to every idea that hits my head. I think the notion of “doing more by doing less” is a good one. I either write down those stray ideas, or keep a photo, or tuck them away in my head and bring them out to help me get to sleep at night or amuse myself on the bus.

And don’t count the uncompleted ideas as failures. As somebody else said, you learn from everything you do. Cherish that.

I’m going to go way out on a limb here and guess that you’re fairly bright. Quite intelligent, in fact. You’ve known this for a while. I’ll also guess that you have a loving supportive family. Did you mention a sister, or am I thinking of someone else? No matter, you have a nice home, friends, and parents who want you to be successful. They not only want you to succeed, they help you over the rough spots, but there aren’t too many of those, because, while you struggle at some things, most things aren’t that difficult, and even the things that are hard, other people seem to find them even harder.

But you feel like you’re at the bottom of a deep well, and the walls are slippery and you can’t climb out, which is very frustrating, because on the surface, everything is going so well.

This is the curse of possibility. You can be anything you want to be. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, and to a great extent, it is true. But, and herein lies the curse, you cannot be everything you want to be. Even though you’d be good at it.

Most people don’t get to choose. They work in the family business, whether it be subsistence farming or international banking. See, they have to work hard to master their craft, and don’t have the time or the imagination to try anything different. But you are bright enough, and talented enough, and hard working enough, that you do have a choice.

And you don’t want to make that choice, because to pick something means giving up everything else.

Now, as I said, I’m guessing here. I don’t know you, not really. And I’m not offering any advice. If what I said rings true, make of it what you will. Peace.

thanks a lot for your contribution guys .

I’ll also guess that you have a loving supportive family.

not complaining , but actually no , …

Ha ha ha. 3D “g”. Reminds me of a readers digest joke I read recently. Went something like this:

The poor sick kid had a flu, sore tummy, bad cough and was taken to the doctors.

The docter did his thing and then asked the kid “what worries you most ?”

The kid thought for a while and then said “my little sister”