I feel vindicated! Why do forums do this?

I guess I wasn’t the only one who thinks CGSociety is a hostile forum, and the moderators are on power trips. See:

I wonder what a moderator looks like? Are they social misfits who can’t handle real life, and find the ability to ban people a mega power? LOL!

How many other people have had a bad experience on any forum, for any reason?

This is a forum for Blender artists. Nobody gives a damn about your personal squabbles with the mods at Cgtalk.

Let me ask you a very simple question, do you actually think you are endearing yourself to anyone by doing this?

Could you please go away. I understand you might not like me or my thread. I just don’t understand why you post or reply to everything I write.

You know what, you are doing a good job at becoming unwanted here. The forum is not a personal plaything for you to post in, it is not a blog or a personal journal for all your whining…this isnt some forum vs forum gossip zone… and when you DO post something, everyone has the right to respond. Dont tell them to go away or to shut up. You do NOT control a thread you make, nor do you have some magical right to enforce how people respond to your childishness.

It is clear you are the exact type of poster this forum strives to reduce. CGtalk forums are fine as long as you dont act like you are acting now. If you are looking for sympathy, look elsewhere.

You don’t own this blog. If you don’t like this thread, don’t respond. I don’t need your long diatribe, although it is funny.

I certainly don’t want to dislike you. I doubt anyone else does, either. As forums go, this is one of the friendliest.

Take a deep breath, cool down, and try and forget what happened at Cgtalk. What benefit could you possibly get from carrying on about this? Your other thread was locked.

Please, just drop it.

It is very frustrating.

This kind of response makes you look like you’re trolling.

Optikz, I am really growing tired of you responses. Why do you spend so much time talking to me? This is drama queen behavior. Please, if you don’t like my thread, you don’t need to respond.

It’s not a blog though, its a public forum, where anyone can state their opinion. if you can’t handle being called out for being a tit, stop posting.

I am reporting you.

Feel free, though i find the irony quite amusing!

I try not to be

LOL! best post all day.

It must be hard I guess. Why don’t they have you follow a strict set of rules, for example: swearing, advertising, etc., and avoid having to make tough calls about whether a thread is appropriate or not?

Coming from the person with 53 posts in a single day (and counting). At this rate, you’ll overtake my 11 year post count in little over a month. Starved for attention much?

if you don’t like my thread, you don’t need to respond

Just so you know, when I don’t like something, the very first thing I do is respond. If you don’t want me to respond, stop acting like some entitled little child.

I really feel bad for you. You go on with your diatribe, complain, and complain some more about me on every thread. You are making yourself look like the one who needs attention.

Anyone know if I can block this guy?

Yes, you can. I’m not sure how to do it though, because in 11 years, I’ve not blocked a single person, nor have I been blocked by anyone else.

You on the other hand, are about to get block happy on your first day. If that doesn’t tell you something, you should probably learn to be a little more self aware.

You are making yourself look like the one who needs attention

The post count indicates the exact opposite. Nice try, though.

I think the others have a point when they say you’re taking the whole situation at CGTalk too far.

Seriously, I don’t think complaining about for days on end is going to get you unbanned from that site, and continuing to do so could possibly lead to you saying goodbye to this forum as well. (even though the moderation has already shown a high amount of tolerance in the hopes that you’ll eventually get it).

You keep asking why people don’t use Blender over software XYZ, I advise you starting reading around the various CG websites (including this site) so you can start collecting that information, all of the information you need to know will be there if you know how to find it and it will not require any account registration.

Initially it seemed like you were just upset about what happened on CGTalk, now it’s looking like you’re trying to hold a grudge against that site and making these threads to reinforce that behavior. You have to realize that you cannot change the past, that complaints will not get anything done, and that it would be more constructive to move on from such events and focus on what you can do to make things better (for this forum and yourself).

Moderator now thats a funny word and moderate. Hes a moderate moderator. Well that moderate moderator ! The nerve of him.
There is a Blender forum not BA where your post need to be in agreement are you will be quickly rebuked. Well Im the same way. I have a negative response to critique. Some times they want me to change my favorite part. They are tolerant here. They must be they put up with me.