I felt a bit lonely one day...

…so I decided to make a friend

I know it’s been done many times before and that I could have made a better scene, but this is all I had in mind right now.

nice. i think the corner pieces are supposed to be a bit of a lighter shade but i do like all the scratch marks.

Still looks good. Almost totally accurate too. The scene looks half real atleast except it looks as though there is light striking it from the lower right without casting any shadows onto the upper left. Kudos for actually making it’s texture look damaged. I made mine without any particular textures so you’ve beaten me :smiley: Sorry for the wall of text.

Companion cube from “portal” :slight_smile:

Looks very nice!

Sorry! Accidental post

It’s a buddy brick! (Jackson does a lot of pop culture allusions.)

Thanks for the comments everyone, and yes, it is a companion cube from the game “Portal”.

I checked some of my references and yes, the corners are a bit too dark, so I’m rendering a new one right now.

Also, I forgot that I used an environment map to light the scene before, and then changed to mesh emitters, I just forgot to remove the map, which is why the lightning is a bit weird, but that should also be fixed in the new render, so stay tuned, there will be a new image in a while.

Here is the new render I promised

omg i love you for making this… i did not expect that dude thats great please share the .blend

The cube is rendered in indigo, so the lightning and stuff is obviously set up for that too. Because of this I added the .blend and textures to an archive.

Here you go