i finally got google chrome on my mac!!!

yes i finally found the beta version and my hate for safari and IE is finally over!!! i bought a macbook from my friend with a boken lcd and i replaced it but was soon disappointed when i found that google chrome was not out for mac but i looked a little harder today and yes!!! i have got it!!! if u are interested in getting chrome on your mac heres the link:

If Safari and IE are so terrible, why didn’t you just download Firefox? o_O

Yeah, I agree. I’ve installed Firefox for a couple of different friends who own Macs, and they enjoy using Firefox a lot more - especially with the Adblock Plus add-on.


Is that a good thing?

ive tried firefox i just like chrome so much lol

Yeah, Chrome is indeed pretty fast, but it uses way too much memory. Until they can optimize the memory usage, I’m not too interested in it (even though I have the latest version of Chrome installed, ha).

why didn’t you just download Firefox? o_O

It’s slow and the interface is even worse.

Firefox being slow is a matter of computer specifications. Indeed, Firefox is somewhat bloated, but it really has gotten a lot better during the last few releases. I don’t exactly see how the interface is bad. In fact, the interface is pretty straight forward. Isn’t the interface similar to just about any other web browser?

We had a spambot advertise that here already, sorry.

Ouch, SK(!), I believe that was a burn.

One of the main reasons that chrome and IE8 take up so much memory is that each tab is a separate instance. In firefox, if flash or javascript crash, the entire browser is taken down. Both IE8 and Chrome treat the tabs separately so that only the tab that caused the problem crashes.

While it definitely is not the best approach, I think it will be more common as the amount of ram in the average consumer’s computer increases.