I finished my "first big car"- Project. What would you say?

The typeface on the plate doesn’t look right for a German plate, but everything else looks real. I am not familiar with that model but it looks a bit of a beast. The tyres are a bit too dark I guess, they look too much like showroom new tyres and the mud where it is parked means they should have picked up some of their environment. Real tyres aren’t black they are dark to medium grey, and they get lighter with wear, particularly the tread.

It’s still superb modelling and texturing, and even my small criticisms of the tyres would not apply if it were parked in a showroom.

A tip: have a look on the free font sites for the German plate font, I think it is out there for free. If not you can try buying it on MyFonts or one of the other commercial sites. I bought it on MyFonts, I think just days before I found it on a free site. :roll_eyes:

Thank you very much men. I would see next time. THANK YOU!