I Followed A Walk Cycle Tutorial But My Character Floats At The End?

Hello I followed this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-wQ8nRWTBs
But for some reason at the end of my animation the character starts to float. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong please? Here is my file:Scene5.blend (3.3 MB)


That tutorial has led you astray. The keyframes are way too far apart.

This one is better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5h2HvkqXZ0

But for even better results, go join CG Cookie and take Wayne Dixon’s animation courses. Don’t rush into doing character animation, though. Take your time and learn the basics. Bounce at least 1000 balls before moving on. It may seem boring, but with proper feedback from a trained instructor, the ball bounce will teach that there’s far more to this animation lark than you ever dreamed possible.

Ok thank you. I am not sure how to start this tutorial. Please see my screenshot: https://paste.pics/8K9M4 When I go to timeline it just shows this when I select all of my character: https://paste.pics/8K9N0

Bump can anyone please help me?

In the action editor…

Ok so that tutorial was working fine until i got to the 10th keyframe. He instructed to copy the 3 bones and paste them into the 13th frame. This did not work it said “no animation in data buffer to paste”. Does anyone know why this is happening? I attached the file:Scene5.blend (3.3 MB) Thanks.

I tried it one more time and it let me paste but it didn’t work properly and what I pasted doesnt mirror what he did in the video :frowning: Scene5.5.blend (3.3 MB)

Do you know how I can delete this please ? https://paste.pics/8LW8X

You should be able to delete in the outliner, R-Click and select delete. Deletes the Armature and all.

Or in the action Editor …select the Keyframes and then Hit Del>keyframes …that won’t delete the armature…

It won’t actually be deleted till file is saved…just an empty action…then you can re-work that one with-out starting a new action…

I have three empty actions things now. So as long as the keyframes are gone they wont interfere with my new keyframes? Do you perhaps have a good walk cycle tutorial I could use please? I tried the one suggested up at the top of this thread and its not working…


Right…they are just empty, so you can pick one and re-start creating your walk cycle in it, then if you want later you can have as many anims as you want and to play just select another action.

I would go with this simple one it will get you a decent start…HERE

Thank you. This is just a walking in place tutorial. Now that I have setup my character to walk in place; I need something to teach me how to get the character to actually move when its walking please?


Bump please can anyone help me? I have been looking for days for a full walk cycle tutorial but only am finding tutorials that show you how to walk in place. I need to know how to setup a path for the character to walk on please?