I found a bug. No, Feature. Err... no, Artform!

Remember? Everything animatable?
Apparently that’s also true for changing materials during render.

It’s somewhat expected and certainly something I consider a feature and not a bug as it’s probably a good way to preview materials on the fly. Others might see it as bug though.

Just look what happened to my nice little (try on a volumetrc) flame ball :slight_smile:

  • all I did was changing the ramp during the render. The pink came from accidentally turning the ramp off.
    I think, if you did this with multiple materials/textures and a higher number of render tiles than I used here (I used the default 8x8 and 2 threads), this could turn out to be a new interactive and abstract artform :slight_smile: - and a nice way to put the rendertime to some (silly) use :slight_smile:


I’m actually hoping if this is a bug that they don’t fix it, comes in handy when I want to see what different textures look like side by side, when I’m impatient - which is always…

What type of bug you did found and where.I also found one but i have solve it otherwise it waste my all hard working.

Read what I wrote and look at the image and everything should be clear.
I’m not entirely sure if it really is a bug. I guess, actually it isn’t.

yeah, I found out this same thing when testing some glossy textures, like you said it came in handy for fine tuning the settings mid render.

I wonder what else can be changed mid render…

Just a few days ago, I rendered the same thing over and over again with different compositing settings.
All the time I found, the compositing doesn’t work at all. Then I descided to turn off composition and just do a render without it. However, I forgot to actually switch it off.
So I did during render, before the compositing phase. - I deactivated Compositing in the post processing step, deleted all the nodes and also deactivated “Use Nodes” - During the render, it still showed “Compositing” for a split second but the settings where not applied.
So I guess, switching off compositing or node usage did not work but just clearing out the node tree (changing back to the default direct input to output) worked perfectly fine :slight_smile:

So, even though that probably is very useless (It might lead to interesting effects in combinations with FSA, where each AA sample gets treated seperately), you can tweak the node system during the composition stage…