I found this interesting.


I’m not sure what to say about that one.

I had two old buddies their names were John Lennon and John Turner. The first one needs no introduction and the second was the name of a former prime minister. They would get stopped by the cops and asked what their names were and answered honestly. The cops would always get annoyed and say “don’t get cute with me”.

I’m afraid the kid will lose the case. I mean… Mike Rowe… ok, but why did he paste the “soft” behind it??? Especially if he only does webdesign and doesn’t work on anything software like or fuzzy. It’s obvious he did it as a pun, and well, it’s stupid of him.

He have the right to do what he want. The fault is to microsoft who see a ressemblance or a copy (copyright infringement), of what? microsoft have no rights to say his domain name look like mine, and the name mikerowesoft is not copyrighted to microsoft at all!! So get ride of those troublecrawler!

now thats funny, a former classmate of mine’s name was Mike Rowe too! The spelling was identical! just that hes 19 right now, smoking pot, drinking beer and banging hookers with his immense 150 kg of fat. :stuck_out_tongue:

hope the guy doesnt lose his humor or the case, although im sure he will lose the latter… microsoft is a bitch, but theres not much anybody can do about it…

Hey, Microsoft’s not all that bad… We were supposed to have a huge test in german but it was cancelled because windows corrupted the file :smiley: another 7 days to study :wink: Thanks, M$!

I might have to do some research concerning Canadian copyright law, but you would think M$ has a case. But wouldn’t you be offended too if they only offered you $10?

It doesn’t make a difference if microsoft has a case legally or not. This is waste of taxpayers money because the justice system has to pay a judge to sit this case. Its complete garbage and its not even important. It just make microsoft look like a stupid bully desperate to preseve something…I don’t know what though.

yeah, it is silly. May have been a bad idea for him to stick ‘soft’ to the end of his name (though I can also say: almost anybody has that right), but Microsoft taking this the lawsuit route seems childish, harmful to a 17yr old kid, and bad PR for them.
Hopefully they realize this and stop.
I don’t see how the ‘bad faith’ thing applies; its not like the kid made the website and then emailed MS saying gimme 10k to take it down.

I agree that it’s a little rediculous for such a massive company to go after a 17 year old but I think they do have the right. I mean, they are entitled to likeness rights (er, at least I believe in US law not sure about canadian) since it is kind of an infringment of their copyright. …Holy crap, did I just remember something from business law in high school?! :stuck_out_tongue: Not that I’m taking M$'s side but if I was a part of a large company and saw that I would be upset…but I would offer more then 10 bucks. That makes me laugh…

Wait…another high school memory is coming back to me…He probably does have the right to the url since it’s his legal name and his site is nothing slanderous towards Microsoft. Or I’m wrong and that class was a total waste of my time. :o

Ok, now i really believe that Microsoft is evil.

They go after a 17 YEAR OLD that would have absolutly NO threat against Microsoft and just because his website domain SOUNDS like Microsoft. I mean give me a flipping break, all Microsoft is doing is getting itself bad publicity and giving us something to laugh at.

His name is original (well, kinda) and the pun is funny, why does microsoft care? Seriously?


m$ must be full of paranoid retards waiting for teenagers to infringe some inexistent copyright laws by posing no threat to the company whatsoever, but the fact that its a puny little teenager and theyre the big bully makes them think they can do everything.

150 * 2.20462262 = :o

150 * 2.20462262 = :o[/quote]

i know, its quite frightening… %|