I get no pen pressure with Wacom in Blender

I have updated my Wacom and GPU drivers. I get perfect pressure with 2D Art programs like Rebelle 6.

I have set the preferences input to Windows Ink and I have all the little pen pressure icons selected in Blender, both in Sculpt mode and Paint Mode. I try different Radius And Size settings but it is as though I am painting or sculpting with a mouse.

I cannot figure this one out.

This is the same on my Wacom Intuos Pro Large and my Wacom Cintiq 22.

Desperate to figure this out. Thanks for any help.

I think I misspoke- try setting this to Automatic, Windows Ink doesn’t work well with Blender :slight_smile:

Thanks Joseph. I do have it set to Windows Ink. Wierd though because in the Wacom control panel if I set it to Windows Ink then the stylus won’t work in Blender at all.

I wrote to Grant Abbit, a British guy who does a lot of YouTube videos for Blender and has some good courses out. He actually writes me back almost immediately. He suggested I update my drivers, which I did. Made no difference. When I told him this he suggested I file a Bug Report. I have just finished doing that.

I guess I am back to trying to work in Substance painter as I get great pressure sensitivity in that program. I just have to try to work out how to combine all the Texture Image files it creates. I haven’t got that part worked out yet. Unbelievable that I have spent almost three weeks, going back and forth between Blender, 3D Coat, and Substance Painter, trying to get the dog model painted.

Will keep on working through the hurdles. Automatic didn’t work.

Thanks for the reply.

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