I give my mesh projects to the forum for free (weekly update)

These are finished projects I have made, but never posted.

In Blender I have been making loads of custom meshes, models, objects, etc. over many years, however I haven’t shared most of them over time, nor have I really used them that much myself.

This community has help me out a lot and I feel obligated to give something back so I have created a website called the Blender Mesh Center. There you can download meshes and projects that I have done in the past. Many of them have been cleaned up and are ready to use within Blender without any outside rendering software needed. Some were originally designed for YafRay, but I changed them to work exclusively in Blender alone, thus some renderings may look a tiny but “unreal” or odd. I plan on updating the website often, so check back.

These files are FREE for you to dissect, modify and use as you wish. I you do use one I would appreciate maybe some credit, but it is not necessary.

Here’s the link:

A few of the things you can download:

Nice! You could save yourselves a lot of trouble and use Blendswap instead :slight_smile:

Nice objects, Its great that you ll share them with the comutiny, cogratulations!

this is nice