I give up. Anyone want to partner up?

I run a small motion picture company and a lot of the things associated with it, I do myself.

I’ve recently tried to add animation and some 3D set designs for use in films but learning Blender has proven beyond my comprehention. I just can’t seem to get it.

If there is anyone out there that would be willing to work with us on various projects I’d love to hear from you.

You can email me from my profile, visit my site or simply reply here.

Sorry for the begging but my Blender had made my brain fall out.

Will move in New & Chat. This thread don’t belong here.

Hi, could please give more detail about your company (location for example), what about salary?

Getting believable 3D sets for a film will be tough work. You need to know camera tracking, how to do ultra-realistic lighting and then there’s compositing. Render-time will be huge too if you have to render at film resolution. Plus you’ll need to get someone who knows how to use a capable renderer. I’m guessing yafray is what you’d need but that is dog slow.

I didn’t realize it would be that complicated. That’s probably one of the reasons I’ve given up on this stuff for myself to learn…(for now).

The main thing I wanted to do was create a really cool animated logo for the headers of our films. Right now my logo is 2D and while people have told me they like it, I don’t feel it’s got the impact I want.

How about doing something like that? Would that take a long time?

If someone would be willing to design a cool “big movie” animated logo for us we would give screen credits in every film. The credit would be a big one with a URL for people to visit for their own job needs. Other terms are negotiable.

Here is our current animated (Boring) logo.

Yeah, the pros make it look so easy as always ;). I thought the same when I started doing 3D. I was like, well I know how to draw so how much harder can this be? Still, I’ve found there is a lot of talent around and if you’re lucky someone with lots of it willing to work for peanuts.

It depends how compilcated it is. I’ve seen some really big companies using pretty basic logos and I agree they don’t have the impact. The one you have actually looks better than some of the ones they use but there are some mind blowing ones out there.

The one I like in the movies is the one that zooms down a winding road and lightning hits a tree at the end.

I also liked the Rockstar games logo where lightning etches out the name and then it goes on fire.

The trouble with some logos is that they look good but you don’t remember the name. Adding a bit of personality into the logo could help. Such as the Lucasarts logo where the little stick figure guy starts using a lightsabre.

I think people would need to know what resolution you need the render, what movie format you’d need it in (it might be better uncompressed but if there’s audio to go with it - or will you do the audio?) and what style you would prefer e.g. dark comic style like Sin City or maybe family friendly aqua style with maybe some fluid effects. Is there a set of colours you want to stick with too and is there any legacy from past logos that you want to keep like a rising sun?

1440x1080 is my max resolution.
Uncompressed AVI is best.
Frame rates are 24p

The logo you’re talking about is for Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of Caribe, Bad Boys, Black Hawk Down and any other HUGE film you can think of)

Dreamworks is a cool one. Newline is simple but effective, Revolution Studios, Dark Castle Entertainment, Universal, Paramount and Castle Rock are all cool.

I have run out of ideas for my company’s logo.

I had an idea of flying back through space, coming over the sun so it enters from the bottom of screen to reaveal the Nightshade text then have some sort of flash reveal the films…

I don’t know.

The logo has to look good as a static logo too. For letterhead and other promotional materials.

Static logos should be PNG format. I currently use 2000px X 2000px for the res but that’s just so it keeps it’s sharpness when resized.

1440x1080 is a bit excessive don’t you think? Sure high definition is great, but I would wait until you have a finished product before deciding the final resolution and the final medium. Not everyone has HD tv. And few could play a 1440x1080 avi with reasonable preformance (not to mention how long it would take to download).

The res is so it maintains it’s quality after we compress it for the final products.

It doesn’t take long to download a file of that size for me and that’s all that we really need to worry about. The finished products will either be in Theaters, DVD or TV so it’s used to keep the quality high.

It’s easier to downsize than to upres graphics and animation.

Whats the name of your company?

I ain’t any great 3D artist, nor do I know how to animate in 3D but I’ve got this idea.

I was thinking that your company logo could pop out of a midnight pond or something…Maybe It’ll be better if I made a picture and show you. I’ve got a bit of the animation in my head but I can’t make it on computer :wink: “all talk no actions Wolf!”

I’m asumming your company is like Finding Nemo type of company? Pixar, Dreamworld etc?

Ok, heres how it goes (if you don’t understand, pretend you never read what I wrote ^_^):

You have a cool, calm night looking up to the sky, full of stars. Crickets chirping and frogs croaking. Then … I dunno, suppose your company logo “Night Shade” pop’s out of the water. (I’m not sure if I read correctly but are you going to change your company name from Night Shade Films to something else?)

It’s something quick and short, yeah?

That’s how it is in my head, hope you can picture it. I think I should make a 3D scene if I can to show you. My feelings are telling me I’ve confused the hell out of you guys -_-!


I will pass it on to the people who are working on the design.

Well, I’m quite satisfy with this compared to the ideal one in my head.

It’s a midnight pond, like I said, a picture will give a better picture of my idea. A picture tells a thousand words right? ^_~


Supposedly there is meant to have a moon reflection on the water but I couldn’t create that effect, the lamp doesn’t cooperate with me :slight_smile:

Well, that’s my idea anyways. It’s your decision if you want to use it or not, I don’t think it’s worth it though, seeing how poor it looks ^.^!