I got a computer problem...

I know a lot of you are really good at computers, so I’d thought I’d ask you all. Does anyone know the problem if no sound effects whatsoever are working? Music is fine, but in all programs, the sound effects are not working. I just installed the latest version of DirectX, but that didnt do anything. Thanks…


When you post a computer question, please state what your OS is, your PC specs etc.

Also please state what your problem is. Do ou mean sound effects in games? Where only the music is playing? Or windows built in sound effects?

If it’s the the latter then go into (XP) Control Panel->Sounds and Audio Devices and click on the sounds tab. Then make sure that there are sounds assigned to events.

Thanks for the reply, Dittohead, but I found and installed a few updates, and it fixed the problem. The sounds were not working at all, in games, or windows built-in sounds, but it’s fine. :slight_smile:

Ahhh, good :slight_smile:

If it happens again, don’t hesitate to post.