I got a dog!

Hello, about an hour ago I adopted a dog from a local adopt-a-thon. Her name is Hilary and she is a classic, full-breed pointer-dog. Attached are some pictures of her.

P.S. I hope my cat likes her!:evilgrin:

P.P.S. Isn’t she cute!


She’s a cute one. But did you call her Hilary, because you think Hilary Clinton is a dog or something? :confused:

Yeah, lets go with that…:evilgrin:

Man, this is SO funny! We had to put the cat outside, and every time the dog goes near the window, she FLIPS OUT! I’m thinking about taking a video of it.:smiley:

Make a picture of it and put it at icanhascheezburger.com

always nice to have a dog around

What a cutiee!!

How’s this?:confused:

Edit: ARRGH! The file’s too BIG!

Edit: A condensed version has been posted!

That looks like a very sweet dog, I’ve seen plenty of pointers (though they are mixes) at the local humane society here.

Here is my dog Tucker. A bit mischievous but a pretty good friend.

Adopted as well. Nice to see other friends of dogs out there.

There’s an episode of Dog Whisperer on hulu.com that somewhat deals with this…if you want your dog to not kill the cat.

You have to show the dog that the cat is yours and it will leave it alone.

Pretty cool show, only watched a few episodes and have already have seen improvements in my dog’s behavior.

Your puppy is so cute. He looks quite young, by the way. I kind of see my dog as not only a companion but an alternate form of inspiration and love.

By the way, I love to see my cat get a piece of her own medicine!

I figured out a name for her! It’s Molly!

Cool dog,that’s awesome.

But I don’t see her pointing at anything!!! :wink:

Have you ever met Fluffy? He’s pretty cool…

Man, he sure looks it. I feel bad for that non-loving fluffball of death.

Yeah, he can be an inspiration at times. Have you ever noticed that it is not how big a dog is in the fight? It is more like how big the fight is in the dog.

That was very deep, pixelmass. And yes, it really is a dog-eat-dog world, and when you think about your theory, you are right, especially with my dog, for she is totally aloof to other dogs who wish to quarrel with her.

And so, I take it that your dog has never met up with squirrels? They are very smart and playful. Also they seem to know exactly the length of the dog’s tether and have great joy in playing games with them. They drive my poor dog nutsso. By the way, don’t mess with them, their claws are very sharp and they get pissed offed if your peanut does not have a nut in it. I feed them all of the time, they are clever.

That’s funny, my dog and I just took a walk to a local cemetery. IT wasn’t a walk though, she was dragging me the whole way, and we did see some squirrels, and I took a picture of them.


Yeah with cats …

“Cats have staff, dogs have owners”

“Cats treat you like servant, dogs treat you like a master, pigs treat you like an equal”

“In return for some love, dogs will give everything”

Some loose quotes from the back of my head.