I got a new coca cola renders

I hope some advice to do better~THX(about the lighting or so on)
Thank you very much
I need to have improvement

if you are using BI to do this, use area lights to give you soft shadows. also, isnt that an old coke logo? or maybe im just looking at the old one:

the model looks very good though :slight_smile:

I get some improvement,
ya I’m not using blender Internal but cycles,and I got a softer shadows:evilgrin:
But I don’t understand what you mean of the Logo,did coca cola have different Logo:o?
Anyway How about the Material ?:cool:

what i mean about the logo is on yours, there are multiple stripes under the “coca cola” text. on my version, there is only one.
the material is very realistic :)!

I think that the water drops are too flat, unless that is part of the can’s design?

im pretty sure its part of the design… dont have a coke can handy though :slight_smile:

yeah it is a part of the can’s design
I have no idea if I add some water drops particle because the water material are too difficult to make realistic,It become too dark

Great render. Your can is shaped wrong though and yeah it would look a lot better with a fine mist of condensation on it which might be easier to fake using a texture than a full blown particle system. But yeah fix ur can shape. That jumped out at me right off the bat. Good job though.

the lip on the can is a bit small…

hey Guy…Nice Render…Awesome!

What is that on the left, a can for ants? :smiley:

Good render so far! I like that ! But why smoke? They aren’t that fresh are they? :wink: